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Mar 06, 2018 Adrian Affiliate programs

HashFlare is a cryptocurrency cloud mining services provided by HashCoins and founded by Sergei Potapenko where based in Tallinn, Estonia. HashFlare also offered one of the best affiliate programs on the blockchain technology, on which the program provides a various way to earn commissions from a different type of referrals such as promo code, referral link/ referral bonuses, and commission per sale, etc. The 10% referral commission is the standard and guaranteed earnings. Also, the members are eligible to receive the lifetime commissions of 10% referral fees for every purchase made by any of the member's referral (excluding the reinvestment and balance purchases).

One of the reasons why the HashFlare affiliate has an excellent reputation; the payout are given daily (every 24 hrs.) that are automatically added to the member’s account balance in BTC. It also capable of withd...


Mar 06, 2018 Adrian Affiliate programs

Haasonline is a bitcoin trading bot platform that automatically trades for you and intended for the virtual currencies trading such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. The company (HAASONLINE SE) was founded by Stephan De Haas where based in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. The company also offered a comprehensive affiliate program where you can earn Bitcoins, a 10% commission fees in exchange for boosting their marketing sales. The mechanics of making the 10% commission are far different from other crypto-currency affiliate programs, in this case, you need to generate a sale from promoting Haasbot. E.g., you will get paid in Bitcoins for every new member that buy a “Haasbot License” from the generated affiliate link you created under your account (Bitcoin address).

Besides for that, you will get a $10 commission when a customer spends at least $100. The Payout is manually set, an...


Mar 06, 2018 Adrian Affiliate programs

The smart way to monetize your content, links, and websites! CoinURL offers an affiliate program using banners and URL shortening ads for anonymous Bitcoin advertising, and it is also available for interstitial ads and text/image keyword-based contextual advertising similar to the Google AdSense. Applying the advertising methods mention above in this context, the registered affiliate will earn 5% commission fees of the revenue from the ads purchase and 1% of link publisher, also from the websites owner earnings. The CoinURL doesn’t get any shared from the commission earned by the affiliates, and it offers a zero deposit/ withdrawal limits.

In addition, the commissions will earn lifetime, and the payout will be weekly with the minimum earnings of 0.01BTC which also automatically sent to affiliates/ user’s Microwallet and provided with...


Mar 06, 2018 Adrian Affiliate programs

Coinmama is a financial institution that offers the fast and easiest way to purchase crypto-currency via credit/debit card. It was founded in mid-YR2013 with the help of an excellent CEO: Asaph Schulman. The Company is located in Scottsdale, USA, and it was also the first Company offer this method of payment that incredibly available for almost everyone around the world, serving more than 225 Countries and the majority of the U.S. states. But, it also has the highest fees charged when making purchases.

It also has a remarkable affiliate program that is available to everyone. It offers excellent deals to an affiliate’s; it has a 15% commission on ALL of the referrals purchases including all their future purchases – it means, that the affiliates are eligible to receive a commission fee from their referrals in a lifetime as long their references are active. What’s...


Mar 06, 2018 Adrian Affiliate programs supplies Bitcoin buying and selling services in France and throughout Europe, and also it’s associated with La Maison du Bitcoin and Let me discuss the two associated company; the La Maison du Bitcoin is one of the leading crypto-currency portals in France while is the in charge on operating the, which known as a Bitcoin security company.

Vincent Renaudineau the CEO and one of the key-person that are responsible for all the accomplishment of the company. The Coinhouse was founded in the last Month of YR2000 and based in France. It also offers a pretty generous affiliate program, on which the affiliates are eligible to receive a 20% commission fees for all operations made by their referrals. What’s more? The commission will be a lifetime opportunity as long the referrals are active, a...

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