Decentralized Exchanges for Cryptocurrencies

Dec 26, 2017 Admin Trading

Cryptocurrencies, or virtual currencies, like Bitcoin have taken over the world of virtual cash exchange by a storm that has reached billions in market capitalization. Taking a look at Bitcoin, for example, it was started in 2008 as a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” that is not monitored by a central authority. Simply put, it became a fast and easy way where individuals can exchange digital cash much like simply sending files.

The rapid growth of cryptocurrencies became widespread where more and more individuals have invested in this type of digital cash. Nowadays, even banks and governments recognize cryptocurrencies where investors have entered the arena.

However, all the positive news about cryptocurrencies has also attracted hackers and criminals to take advantage of cryptocurrency and exchanges. Hackers try to enter a cryptocurrency user’s account and transfer the digital funds into his own without being traced. With the emergence of a new digital curren...

Use of stop-loss in cryptocurrency trading

Dec 26, 2017 Admin Trading

Cryptocurrency trading has slowly been growing concurrently with the digital shift. It was talked about by Wei Dai in 1998 and was first created in 2009 but was not well established back then. Cryptocurrency refers to a digitized asset as well as a channel of exchange which uses encryption algorithms to protect every transaction and verify transfer of assets. 

Some of the well-known altcoins, which is short for alternative cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Zcash, Ripple, Etherum, and Litecoin. On the other hand, stop-loss order (also known as stop market order) refers to an order where the investor directs the intermediary to automatically sell the goods if it drops to a certain price.

For the stop-loss order to be effectively implemented and be effective in a business, some features are to be followed to the latter. One of the features is the ability to associate the order with both long and short position. This is necessary in the case where the security of an investor would be bought if it sells ab...

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