Bitcoin Casinos in United Kingdom: Legalities & Regulations

Dec 26, 2017 Admin Regulation
United Kingdom

Bitcoin is getting stronger by day. What was once a non-viable online currency has scaled the heights and is set to revolutionize online transactions including gambling. This electronic currency only exists in virtual world and it is not controlled by any financial authority or government. Given its anonymous nature, it has led to an explosion of underworld online activities mainly transacted through crypto-currencies. 

According to, many Britons indulge in bitcoin gambling because it attracts minimal transaction fee and can be done within the shortest time possible. UK bitcoin casinos are also known to offer special games known as “Provably fair games” to bitcoin players hence the fuss. And of course, bitcoin casinos guarantee complete anonymity and are secure.

Bitcoin casino is one of the most exiting industries in the UK, many gambling sites like Arcades, Sportsbook, Lotteries among others are actively in operation. Nevertheless, there are a number of uncerta...

Advantages of Bitcoin casinos and sports betting

Dec 26, 2017 Admin Gambling

Bitcoin casinos go to great lengths to establish their reliability. Therefore, “provably fair gaming” sites offer free satoshis, which are fractions of bitcoins, in return for joining them, and for referring them. Considering that a bitcoin is now almost equal to $11,000, having some satoshis in account is worthwhile. Besides, once it is credited, the amount cannot be taken back or stolen by any hacker. The person’s current address along with public and private keys would be needed for taking away the bitcoins. There can be more than 50 digits including both numbers as well as letters, evidently making hacking nearly impossible. 

The transfers and withdrawals from bitcoin casinos and sports betting sites is considerably cheaper and faster unlike withdrawals from other online casinos and sports betting sites. There is no red tape involved, and there are no restrictions on the movement of this currency. 

The anonymity that bitcoins offer is one of the coveted features of bitcoi...

Bitcoin casinos regulation and licences

Dec 26, 2017 Admin Gambling

At times there is some confusion relating to the legal aspects of bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. This is mostly due to the fact that many countries have yet to accept bitcoin as a real currency. Consequently the legal framework on regulating them is not yet in place. 

But bitcoin casinos have found a way around such restrictions. They have or, can have, an in-house payment processing mechanism. They offer bitcoin wallets, and the player’s withdrawals and deposits. 

In addition, there are now technologies that are resistant to any censorship. The companies that have received the license to start such online gambling casinos believe that they are answerable only to the jurisdiction of the country or region from where they received the license, defeating the purpose of a ban on gambling as is applicable in the US.

 Licenses, and regulations, however, inspire confidence that there is a safety net to depend upon, and that there is a mechanism in place for addressing grievances. ...

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