The Rise of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Liechtenstein

Dec 26, 2017 Admin Regulation

With the world finally realizing the immense technology that blockchain technology has, the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on a rise. Countries like Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and Finland have recognized the potential in the distributed ledger technology and embraced this technology and have incorporated it across various industries including, Banking, Healthcare, and various governmental establishments.

While bitcoin is the most commonly known and widely used currencies in most of the European nations, it is not the only cryptocurrency in the market. Other cryptocurrencies that are giving Bitcoin a tough competition are Dash, Ethereum, and Ripple. Dash’s main strategy is to give more privacy and offer more user-friendly options to its users. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency on which industries, that are involved in financial services have always had an eye on, mainly due to the automation options that this digital currency offers. Ripple is also a cryptocurrency that mainly co...

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