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Basic Principle

Skrill has been around for quite a number of years and it has been widely adopted as a preferred online payment platform. When it comes to making digital payments, Skrill is one of the top choices and its popularity is evident in its presence in more than 200 customers with over 36 million customers. There is of course room to improve and over time, it is expected that the platform will grow exponentially when more customers adopt the payment platform.

Skrill is an international digital payment platform which can be accessed by any adult internet user who has a registered email. All activities on the Skrill platform are monitored and regulated by the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority. Skrill is a highly secure platform suitable for international online payments irrespective of the location a customer is. You can either use it to make payments...


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Neteller is a well-known e-money or e-wallet platform which is operated and owned by the global payment company, Paysafe Group Plc., a publicly traded British Payment Company. With Neteller, people around the world can transfer to and receive money from various merchants over the internet such as forex trading companies, social media companies, etc. Funds can also be withdrawn using the Net+ card or simply sent to the customer’s bank account.

Paysafe Financial Services Ltd. is a well-known and reputable company that has served millions of individuals and businesses around the world with reliable online payment options. Neteller is one of those options and with Neteller, customers can make online payments securely and privately across borders and at any time. Neteller is suitable in situations where traditional methods cannot work.

Neteller has served millions of c...


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LeuPay is an e-wallet payment system that was introduced to be an alternative to traditional bank services. LeuPay can be used by individuals and businesses as it allows them transfer money to anywhere in the world at any time. On the LeuPay platform, customers can order for prepaid cards, download transaction statements amongst others. LeuPay offers a highly securer platform and customers have complete control of their money. The main aim of Leupay is to provide a payment platform that allows customers carry out money transactions to anywhere at any time.

Features of LeuPay

Easy Registration

Registering on the LeuPay website is free and easy. Once you have entered your personal details, you will be required to confirm your email address, and then you will have to verify your identity by sending a scanned copy of your international passport or any valid and re...


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Giropay is a Germany-based internet payment platform which allows customers make purchases on the internet through direct transfer from their bank account. Giropay is owned by Giropay GmbH and a lot of cooperative banks in Germany are on the Giropay platform. There are not many banks from the private sector on the platforms but Giropay still serves about 17 million online banking customers in Germany. Also, 60 percent of commercial bank customers make use of Giropay which means that Giropay serves the majority of the German online banking market.

Giropay is a great alternative for customers who do not want to use their credit or debit cards online. Giropay provides a high level of safety because every transaction on Giropay is facilitated by the customer’s bank and transaction history can be pulled from the bank at any time.

Basic Principle

The Giropay...


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ePayments offers an easier method of managing your card and e-wallet from anywhere in the world. With the ePayments mobile app, you can conveniently manage and track your funds online. The ePayments app is available on iOS and Android operating system and on the app, you can monitor when funds appear in your account, withdraw your funds in one click as well as issue invoices. With ePayments, you can receive payments from your clients and withdraw the funds to your local bank or prepaid card.

Features of ePayment

ePayments Prepaid Mastercard®

epayment in affiliation with Mastercard provides customers on the ePayment platform with a prepaid card from Mastercard with which customers can access funds in their wallet at ATM outlets, POS terminals and shop online with the cards. This prepaid card can be sued anywhere in the world.

ePayments Mercha...

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