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Feb 09, 2018 Xaviera Payment platforms

Coinify is a payment platform that allows merchants to accept blockchain and bitcoin payments in 16 digital currencies. Get payout in your local currency guaranteeing your protection without worrying about chargebacks.

Coinify was founded in 2014 and led by CEO and Co-Founder Mark Højgaard with other team members. It is based in Copenhagen Denmark.


  • Accept payment in 16 digital currencies
  • Receive payments in your bank account within 48 hours.
  • No registration fee
  • No Chargeback
  • Very easy to use
  • Risk-free
  • Allows bitcoin to buy as an investment


  • No transaction fees for merchants
  • No registration fees
  • Unlimted Processing

Technology Integration

API Integration

  • Allows automatic blockchain payments in your store.


  • Coinify also have SDK'...


Feb 10, 2018 Xaviera Payment platforms


Started in 2013, Bitcoinpay is a payment gateway operating with PLN, EUR, CZK, and USD that allows merchants to easily and quickly accepts payments in a safe and risk-free way without worrying about chargebacks.

BitcoinPay is led by a team of the best traders, financiers and professional developers who are working hard to make the digital currency payments easily and accessible for everyone.


  • Risk-Free
  • Offer checkout service in 150 currencies
  • Easy refund process
  • Fast Settlements(Payments are deposited into your account every business day depending on your choice)
  • No monthly fees, No long-term contract, Hassle-free
  • Each transaction and invoice is denominated in standard currencies
  • Supports E-wallet


  • 0.8% transaction processing
  • Certain bank fee is charged when sending funds to your bank.

Technology Integration



Feb 10, 2018 Xaviera Payment platforms


Paxful is a peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that focuses on connecting buyers and sellers to easily exchange and accept bitcoin.

The company was founded in 2015 by Artur Schaback and Ray Youssef and is headquartered in 3422 Old Capitol Trail Wilmington Delaware.


  • Offers more than 300 payment method
  • User-friendly and easy to join
  • Multiple types of currencies accepted
  • Safe and Secured
  • Available around the world
  • Offers 24/7 support with live chat
  • Low Fees
  • Reputation Ratings
  • Escrow Service


Fees depend on who you buy from

Buyer Fees

Buyer's fee is free

Seller Fees

Seller's fee is 1%

Wallet Fees

Sender only pays the bitcoin network miner fees. Miners fee goes to the bitcoin network not Paxful

High Miner...


Feb 13, 2018 Xaviera Payment platforms


XBTerminal is the fast, simple, safe and secured, as well as cost-effective way for accepting bitcoin today. With the seamless payment gateway integration, you can control how the payments are processed, whether in Bitcoin or your local currency. 

It was founded on July 10, 2014, by Aleks Nowak, a former Army and a Bitcoin geek together with Alex Kotenko, a web and mobile development geek.

It has introduced XBT Mobile which allows you to Start Accepting Bitcoin now with no upfront costs. It is very convenient and easy to operate as their hardware product. Customers may pay from any mobile Bitcoin wallet by NFC or QR code, payment from offline mobile devices is supported by Android Bluetooth only. The payment process is fast and secure, allowing you to dip your toe into the Bitcoin world without any upfront costs. This solution best suits merchants without a fixed point of sales like a pop-up or street traders, it’s also a great starting point before decid...


Feb 13, 2018 Xaviera Payment platforms


Blockonomics is founded in 2016 by Shiva S., a python c/c++ developer with strong understanding of Linux / system internals and mathematics. It offers a decentralized and permissionless bitcoin payment solution that can be used to accept Bitcoin directly from traders securely. Invoice anonymously can be made and accepted using your own bitcoin address. Invoice details are encrypted in your browser and protected using a secret key. 

Blockonomics allows wallet monitoring and email notifications for anyone holding a Bitcoin public wallet. Merchants can use the plugins or payment button on their e-commerce platform to accept Bitcoin as a payment for any product purchased by consumers online. Merchants need not worry about a third party holding onto their revenue as all payment addresses are from the customers' own wallets making  Blockonomics one of the...

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