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247Exchange is a relatively established Bitcoin exchange that allows customers from around the world to buy Bitcoins via credit card, debit card and wire transfers
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Referral reports
Company Name

InterMoney Exchange Inc

Commission When A Customer Spends $100

$0.858 (paid in BTC)

Commission per sale

For each client you bring in, you will receive 30% of the fees what 247exchange receives from that client lifetime! If that client also refers new users, you will receive an additional 30% of that client’s referrals earnings.

Commission duration


Automatic payouts
Payout frequency

Exchanges and Trading

Maximum withdrawal


Founder Name

Mr. Anton Vereshchagin


Local pay options in more than 110 countries


Supports altcoins


Low fees and regular promotions


Fast Online Support


Fair Prices


The first card order can be done with no ID verification


No registration procedures are required to start exchanging digital currencies with fiat money


All major credit/debit cards accepted, with more than 500, 000 locations to pay with cash worldwide!


Crypto purchase transactions are guaranteed for instant delivery


Service is offered risk-free without holding onto clients’ funds


User experience reported as needing further refinement in 2017


Negative reviews of the old platform before re-launch in 2018


The service was temporarily offline in the fall of 2017, due to banking issues


Complaints of missing information on the original website, which made it difficult to make informed decision about the service, although the new site might resolve those complaints


Slow offline support response


No followup process on support cases


Verification process take too long

Date founded

February 2014

Trading Method

peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange

Mobile version


Contact phone


Secured By SSL



247Exchange is a fairly established cryptocurrency exchange that allows customers from around the globe to trade fiat currencies for digital currencies (vice versa) via Credit/Debit cards, Money Transfers, Local Bank Transfer, Wire Transfers, and Prepaid Vouchers/Cards. This standard model of crypto exchanges offers the easiest and fastest website for Bitcoins/cryptocurrencies finance trade which managed by InterMoney Exchange Inc.

On August 7, YR2014; The Company officially launched the services to the market with the help of an exceptional founder, Mr. Alexey Maximenko. In addition, the data center is located in two separate locations; Belize and USA UU (Delaware).


What is the advantage of obtaining an affiliate system with this Company?

The service offers a unique opportunity to earn Bitcoin as well as USD that is convertible to BTC/LTC and other crypto-currency at any moment. How to obtain Bitcoins from commissions? It simple as 123, you only need to recommend their website to other users; let say, you promote Bitcoins and make money at the same time using the affiliate link they provided. For every client you bring in, you will receive 30% of the fees what 247exchange gets from that client in a lifetime! Another great thing is, there has a second level of earning commissions, when your referrals also refer new clients, as you’re the 1st level affiliate you are eligible of receiving additional 30% from your client’s referrals earnings. What’s more? There are additional earnings of $0.858 (paid in BTC) when your referral spends $100. The profits from the commission will instantly withdraw as soon as your account balance reaches $1 and that will manually request a payout.


How to be an affiliate?

How to earn Bitcoins? Be an affiliate and start making money by recommending and promoting 247Exchange in the world of bitcoins space. There are only three simple steps.

Step 1: Create an account (or make any order) - The unique affiliate link will send to your email as a “welcome” verification mail. Or you can go ahead on their official site and navigate the “affiliate section” page where you can have the provided affiliate link and all the essential information you need.

Step 2: Share/place banner ad/post/email the affiliate link - you can have any ways of doing the marketing strategy you’ve preferred such as posting news, placing a banner ad, sharing the link in social networks, etc. – such practice will result in high sales boost!

Step 3: Successful referrals that make a (paid) order - Soon as anybody makes an order (paid) and registered through your affiliate link, you will be entitled to receive commission fees.



There are plenty of choices for the crypto-currency storage that supported by 247Exchange. The first thing you will need is to obtain is a Bitcoin Client or “wallet” application, and you will be provided a bitcoin address where you can store your Bitcoins. The official page of 247Exchange published the suggested wallets where the customers can choose on their preferred wallets from these type of wallets: online bitcoin wallets, hardware wallets, desktop wallets, mobile wallets and paper wallets.

  1. Online Wallets: Green Address, SpectroCoin, BetGo, Coin.Space, Coinapult
  2. Hardware Wallets: Ledger Nano, Trezor, Keepkey, and Opendime
  3. Desktop Wallets: Bitcoin Core, Armory, Electrum, Bither and Msigna
  4. Mobile Wallets: Bitcoin Wallet, Mycelium, Xapo, Breadwallet’s, Copy (by Bitpay), AirBitz and ArcBit

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