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Apr 27, 2018 Adrian Affiliate programs
Company Name
Founder Name
    Mr. Michael Hoshford
Date founded
    8939 S. SEPULVEDA BLVD. #110 - 732 WESTCHESTER CA, 90045 US
Withdrawal methods
    Deposit and cash, Bank Transfers, Only Bitcoin wallet - bitcoin sportsbook
Minimum withdrawal
    Depends on payment method used to withdraw
Secured By SSL
Mobile version
Trading Method
    Gambling and Ads
Commission per sale
    Varies from 0.3% to 1% based on the type of bets placed by the referred customer.
Commission When A Customer Spends $100
    Up to $1 (paid in BTC)
Commission duration
    For 1 year after customer sign up
Payout frequency
Automatic payouts
    Anonibet facilitates anonymous sports betting. The service does not limit users based on their jurisdiction (users are expected to self-comply with their local laws). Their affiliate program software appears to be Post Affiliate Pro.
Contact phone
Contact email
Referral reports
    United Kingdom
    8939 S. SEPULVEDA BLVD. #110 - 732 WESTCHESTER CA, 90045 US
    Entertainment and Gambling/Sports

Anonibet was established in YR 2011 and founded by Mr. Michael Hoshford – The Company servers based in the United Kingdom. The service is known as one of the longest established Bitcoin casinos online. Also, it’s one of the most innovated and dynamic betting sites which offers a variety of options for online gambling, live betting, and sports betting that has a live dealer. The service also facilitates anonymous betting platform in which offer a “no limit based on the user’s jurisdiction” - users are expected to be a self-comply with their local laws.

The network fees are typically charged a 5% fee if the deposited funds on the Anonibet system withdrawn without being used for sports betting or playing any casino games via online. This policy, however, doesn’t apply to any players who are frequently playing or considered as a VIPs. Also, all other withdrawals are not charged a fee.

Anonibet also has this affiliate program that offers excellent commissions to the player who can bring new players to the site. There are different ways to earn commissions through their affiliate program in which the affiliated user is eligible to receive up to 0.3% to 1%. For pre-match single bets and live single bets, the affiliate will get a 0.3% commissions. While, 1% commission for pre-match multiple bets and pre-match system bets, as well as for the multiple live wagers from the players invited or referred. The opportunity of earning through their affiliate program is good for one year after the referred customer signs up. The payout is sent every month with the maximum limit set to 500BTC/24 hours, and the minimum earning for payout will depend on the payment method used to withdraw.

Also, the service provides a great deal of discount or bonus that returns players losses up to 10% based on the total spend of concluded multiple bets.



•    Anonymity: The platform is entirely facilitating anonymously.

•    Offer Great Bonus:  10% cash back on net losses in the sportsbook based on the total spend of concluded multiple bets.

•    Trustworthy and tested platform: The service was established long time ago and manage to run the company until now which comes with implied credibility.

•    Excellent Support: Anonibet has a very responsive support team, live chat, and live dealers.

•    Excellent Casino Platform:  live betting and live casino are available on the service.



•    No signup/welcome and deposit bonuses: Most online casinos offers signup/welcome bonus but not on this platform.

•    Unimpressive odds: The probability of the service is insignificant.

•  Irrevocable Currency Setting: Once the currency set during the registration, it no longer changeable.

•    Single Currency Supported: The service support only one currency to use in an account. Adding of a new currency is not allowed.

•    Pretty complicated rewards system: The rewards system need some time to understand the whole process.


Funding and Withdrawing Options at Anonibet:

Funding is done using Bitcoin strictly for deposits and withdrawals. The service provides an option to have an account balance listed in USD. But, it’s only for the sake of the player’s benefit which able to keep a tab of actual dollar value. Please take note that “No USD” can use for either funding or withdrawing assets.

Anonibet system has this interesting method that revolves around the innovative Bitcoin wallet, which the players are being invited to set up first before making any deposit. The players have their separate accounts for sports betting and online casino games – So, funds are needed to transfer from the dedicated wallet to the second storage. Also, all transaction are conducted using cryptocurrency with the transfer rate of 1 BTC for 1000 mBTC. All the deposits are made instantly, although sometimes it occasionally delays the operation for some reason.

The cash out is 500 BTC per day, and transactions are manually approved – so, it will take a couple of hours to complete this procedure.



As mention earlier, Anonibet focus the player’s anonymity or player privacy – so no personal details and financial information collected at all times. USD withdrawals are converted to bitcoins. Thus, identity verification is not required; also the platform’s servers do not maintain online Bitcoin Wallets to avoid bitcoin theft. The security of the player’s assets or bitcoins on their wallets are just made their sole responsibility.

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    Irving 2 months ago

    Choice for "Don't want to see a face". Consoles your loss by providing cash backs. Just be careful enough to enter the right currency or else you'll just curse yourself for being stupid. Need to have a clear mind to understand rewards system for those passive income seekers.

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