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BetMoose, a Canadian pari-mutuel betting based in Burlington USA. The service founded by a brilliant CEO, Mr. Adam King, on YR 2013 in December. This Online Bitcoin gambling site is not usual. It’s not just about betting on different games or sports events. It has an interesting concept that is certain to catch the attention of anyone interested in placing bets online. A “Peer-to-peer bets and predictions platform which caters to Bitcoin bettors and investors” (it's a betting system in which all bets of a specific type are placed together in a pool).

It is usually not like the betting sites you are familiar to and promises a very different experience that makes it stand-out to other online gambling sites that offers crypto-currency. Their reputation is quite outstanding, In fact, according to Alexa, at present this 8th of March YR 2018, they hold a remarkable rank of 534,890 which improved at most of 230,000 positions for just the previous three Months. Most of their traffic currently originated in the United States and Russia.

They also offer a profitable affiliate program where the affiliates are eligible to earn up to 20% revenue share for one year on all referred users, BetMoose (usually) takes a 1.5% fee, so essentially 0.3% of bet payouts. Also, in every referral that will spends $100, the affiliates will get paid at most $0.30 in BTC. The commission is frequently sent every week with the minimum earnings of 005 BTC. Also, please take note that the payouts are accumulated on/or during the bet payout phase also it depends according to their reputation (host level).

BetMoose has a very creative concept; we can conclude that it is “one of its kind” especially in online gambling that adds the benefits of Bitcoin. Due to its innovative features, we can recommend it – whatever you prefer, you can be sure that you will find a betting option that fit your taste. But keep in mind, the services provided are not regularly audited and may be misused, mainly if you are a novice.



•    Simple online betting game

•    Two factor authentication

•    Anybody can host and place bets

•    Every member is a bookie

•    Live chat among players

•    Anonymous online gambling



•    Not Mobile Friendly: although, It has the following mobile compatibilities.

•    No phone and live chat support: Unfortunately, the option offered is only a contact form on the BetMoose website.

•    No bonuses and rewards system: no promotions offered

•    Supported crypto-currency: Bitcoin only

•    No withdrawal methods

•    Account management can become a little complicated


How to be an affiliate:

To be an officially affiliated with BetMoose, you need to create an account. Once registered, log-in on their official website and navigate your “Balance” page, where you can see a “referrals” button. Click the button, and you'll be directed to the page specially design for the BetMoose Affiliate Program Center that will provide you everything you need for promoting their website by sharing the provided link or placing the contain code that can be set anywhere on the site.



The minimum betting on BetMoose is 0.005 BTC, if the amount placed as the bet is lower than the minimum required, it will be sent back after four confirmations, and charges will apply for the miner’s fee. However, if it’s less than 0.0001 BTC (the amount sent as a bet after miner fees), it will no longer be returned. Also, the supported crypto-currency is only bitcoins.

Please note that once the bets placed, it will no longer be withdrawn either modified, not unless the bet becomes invalid or is taken down by the host.



BetMoose is a secure Bitcoin prediction market that uses 128-bit SSL encryption provided by AddTrust on all pages and offers two-factor authentication. It has its own BetMoose’s wallet address where you can store your crypto-currency with no minimum or maximum deposit limits. Apart from that, BetMoose gets 3% commission from every winning payout and there also no minimum withdrawal limit. Also, take note that there is no withdrawal method and currently the only supported crypto-currency is Bitcoin.

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    Irving 1 month ago

    Pretty straight forward concept on what it caters. I like the idea that I can place a bet peer to peer, make my own betting or even be a host of a betting activity. However, if i am a mobile person with no Personal Computer, I cannot do well if there's no option for mobile access.

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