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Strelitzer Str. 60, 10115 Berlin Germany
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Bitbond allows users from around the world to borrow or lend to one another using Bitcoin
Affiliate program type

Trading, Investing

Company Name

Bitbond GmbH

Date founded

Dec 31, 2006

Founder Name

Mr. Radoslav Albrecht

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Investment, Trade and Exchanges


Strelitzer Str. 60, 10115 Berlin Germany



Commission When A Customer Spends $100


Commission duration

2 Years

Commission per sale

If you refer a borrower you’ll receive 20% of the origination fee. If you reffer a lender you will receive 30% of the origination fee.

Maximum withdrawal


Minimum withdrawal

No minimum

Payout frequency

By request

Trading Method

peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange

Contact phone


Contact email
Automatic payouts



This Finance Affiliate Program by Bitbond, it allows users from around the world to borrow or lend to one another using Bitcoin, This Company categorized as Financial Investment, Trade, and Exchange bitcoins in the world of Blockchain Technology. With the help of an exceptional CEO, Mr. Radoslav Albrench, the Company established in Berlin, Germany; in YR 2013 in September. It’s remarkable on how the Company became more profitable in its early time since it launches until now. They earned an outstanding reputation from their customers, especially on their idea of doing business in this industry are pretty unique and good than other Companies out there.

But early this YR 2018 on March; for some reason, it dramatically drop the rank of their traffic they get from different sources around the world. According to Alexa, they hold the rank of 81, 480 which declined at most 8,000 positions versus the previous three Months. Most of their traffic currently originated in Japan and the United States. Also, some of the significant numbers came from Germany, France, and India.

They also offer a lucrative affiliate program where the affiliates are entitled to earned up to 50% of Bitbond’s origination fees as a commission. How does it work? There will be 30% of the origination fee as the commission for every lender you refer and 20% of the origination fee as the commission for every borrower you refer. The terms are simple; you only need to place your link on your blog or website; you can also use the provided banners or mention it on your newsletter; sharing the affiliate link with your network on social media or even send an invitation via email will do. The commission you earned will be paid instantly with no minimum earnings, and that will be sent automatically to you Bitbond wallet in bitcoins. Also, the commissions will be paid for two years only from the user's registration, and a referral will be considered as your invitee for just three months.

The fees are one of the attributes of this Company that is needed to be considered the most. Starting at 1% - 2% per Month is a pretty good term they offer for their customers, it actually depends on the transaction volume made by the lender/borrower. On my conclusion, this program is one of the recommended for those people who are in the financial industry, and this might be a helpful source and a great idea of investment.


How to Be an Affiliate

To be an official Bitbond Affiliates, the first step in earning through this affiliate program is to sign-up for free. Once registered, sign-in and navigate the “Affiliate” tab (located on the upper right side of your monitor, 7th tab from left to right). Click “Affiliate” tab and you will be directed to the page specially design for the Bitbond Affiliate Program, and all the necessary information you will find helpful in earning money from the program are all provided on that affiliate page.

Also, upon sign-up, Bitbond will provide you an affiliate link which you can place on your blogs, social media, Newsletter, ad or even in a tweet. The objective is to drive more traffic (clicks) to the website through your shared link where people who will click on the link will be directed to the Bitbond page. For each person visited and sign-up Bitbond, you will earn a commission from them.


Investing and Loan

Funding loans of requesters are easy as 123. First, you need to fund you Bitbond balance, so you have money to spend in the investment process. After transferring funds on your Bitbond wallet, all you need to do is to go to the “invest page” and choose your desired request, and you can have a minimum of 0.01 BTC or above as your funding loans. Also, please take note that Bitbond has this unique feature called “auto-invest” which is self-explanatory (If, I’m not wrong about this. You can get up to 13% of interest from your loans investment through time).

Also, some forms are needed to be filled which you need to qualify and get approved before you can start requesting loans up to your maximum capacity.

Here are the steps you required to complete for you to get approved:

  1. Personal Details
  2. Contact Details
  3. Employment
  4. Residence
  5. Credentials
  6. Identification
  7. Submission



It won't take you longer than 5 minutes filling each one of the steps (Form). You just need to input your real information’s as required, and you won't get any problems for all of these forms.



Bitbond provided their very own storage called “Bitbond wallet,” it’s highly secured. Anyhow, all leading crypto-currency wallets supported for transferring funds, vice versa. You will just scan the QR code or manually enter wallet address. 

Pros & Cons
  • Low-interest fees
  • Easy and Beginner Friendly
  • Two ways commission
  • High Loan Value
  • High Up Rate
  • Special 90 days Privilege
  • Both the borrowers as well as lenders are in control
  • Highly affordable
  • Unique business idea
  • Not for every loan seeker or investor
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    Irving (40) 1 year ago

    I can hit two birds in one stone in this. I can get commission if will lend and also get some if I will loan. Process to avail the services is no issue as for compliance purposes. Sometimes, adhering is difficult but at the end of the day, It makes the process worthwhile.

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  2. User avatar

    Guest 1 year ago

    I can hit two birds in one stone in this. I can get commission if will lend and also get some if I will loan. Process to avail the service is no issue as for compliance purposes. Sometimes, adhering to compliance is difficult but at the end of the day, it makes the process worthwhile.

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