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The Company established in YR2013 on May, and founded by two brilliant key-persons, namely: Rodd Reagor the founder and Robert Lons the Co-founder, together they built a good foundation of the company and make it more thriving to provide a high- performance servers and quality services. The data centers located in several countries around European, U.S., and Asia (e.g., Dallas, NY, LA, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Singapore and Frankfurt am Main). The Company offer services for web hosting, VPS, and dedicated server services in pretty advance and high-performance servers that use the latest technology with a 99.99% guaranteed SLA uptime, and they even cater a private and anonymous hosting for its clients that apparently made them unique on this industry compared to other web hosting competitors. For the record, according to Alexa, they hold the global rank of 978,047.

As the Bitcoin dramatically raised and more popular as a sustainable alternative currency, it has triggered the interest among investors and entrepreneurs. So, the Company accepts bitcoin as a payment option besides the traditional payments method such as MoneyGram, Western Union, all major credit cards and PayPal. But, not that all, they also offer anonymous hosting among several hosting plan options – All charges will vary on the customers hosting plans purchased.

They also offer a fascinating affiliate program for everyone who wants to earn money in BTC from referrals commission fees. Getting started with the affiliate program is very simple and straightforward. First, you need to sign up to be an affiliate and get authorized to use their banners to place on your site or share with friends the provided a unique affiliate link. When your referrals sign up and purchase a hosting plan, then you will get paid. Also, there are two-tier of earnings; the first one, is shared and VPS referrals where you are entitled to earn $25 - $100 per sale, and the second tier is capable of making 50% of the 1st month’s invoice from the dedicated servers and DDoS protection purchased by your referrals. The commission is earned once per customer, and the payout will manually request once the commission balance reaches the minimum earnings of $50 (Paid in BTC).



•    Domain registration

•    Low cost

•    99.9% uptime guarantees

•    Multiple plans to choose from

•    Unmetered unlimited bandwidth options

•    Multiple payment methods for hosting including discounted advanced payments

•    Money back guarantee: refund 5% to 100% of the monthly fee based on downtime

•    You can also participate in their affiliate program and get paid via bitcoin.

•    Anonymity & Privacy: Accepts bitcoin anonymously and requires just a single email from the customer to be approved.



•    Support hosted via email only/ No Live Support


Affiliates Rules and Requirements:

There are some basic ground rules for the affiliate program:

Bitcoin Address or PayPal Accounts: All participants must obtain this requirement to accept payouts.

IRS form 1099: All participants who earn $600 within a calendar year must complete filling the IRS, and for the International affiliates this step is not required.

Void Referral: will not acknowledge or may not credit for referring yourself.

Participants who will catch violating or even attempting to bypass these rules will have voided all his/her credit and will not receive payouts. Also, they will be banned from further participation as an affiliate in this Company and may have their BWH service terminated.


Storage: has their very own storage and generously offer to their affiliates for free. All funds earned by their affiliates are stored and keep in their servers and located in several countries around the globe as I mention above. They required a Bitcoin Address and PayPal Account for transferring funds (Please note: $50 in BTC is the minimum payouts). Otherwise, you wouldn’t receive any payouts.

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    Irving 1 month ago

    Perfect for those who have business that wants to advertise their company through domain on the internet. Fees and charges were also considerably low and can be compensated if one will work on referrals. Make sure that you have plenty of friends who do business so you can get the best of worlds. Also make sure that you have a lot of patience if anything happens to your domain as there is no support available over the phone.

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