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Nordstr. 14 Herford, 32051, DE
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Bitcoin Deutschland AG

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Jul 31, 2016
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Mr. Michael Nowak

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Nordstr. 14 Herford, 32051, DE


Nordstr. 14 Herford, 32051, DE



Commission When A Customer Spends $100

$0.05 (paid in BTC)

Commission per sale

10% of trading fee (trading fee is .5% per trade for both traders), so essentially .05% of each trade

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No is a German marketplace and known as one of the most significant peer-to-peer network exchanges for Bitcoin and Ethereum in Europe. The Company established in the 3rd quarter of the YR2016 which founded by an exceptional CEO, Mr. Michael Nowak. is not the typical exchange but rather an online peer to peer marketplace for bitcoin witch the buyers and sellers of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies brought together. For the record, is partners with “Fidor Bank” to operate in Germany with a German “Bafin” license which makes the trading platform more trustworthy. Also, the platform possessed a high-level security standard and had external auditors checking the vendor regularly.

The network fees are somewhat low compared to other crypto exchanges platform which only charges a 1% fees every transaction (The buyers and sellers are both accountable for the network fees, each of them obligated for a network fee as low as 0.5%). This means that the trading platform will directly deduct the charges on each transaction and permanently adjusted to the current network load. E.g., the buyer will only receive the 99% of the total amount of purchase due to the 1% fees applied to each deal. Please take note, that anyone using a “Fidor account” to trade at can save up to 20% on their fees.

The trading platform also offers a profitable affiliate program in which the affiliated users are entitled to receive 10% commission out from the network trading fees. This opportunity of earning a passive income is a lifetime as long the referred users are active, and the payout is frequently given monthly with no minimum earnings.



•    Trustworthy: The trading platform possessed high-level security in which external Company frequently reviews the IT-system and the process. Beside the system integrity, partnered together with the “Fidor Bank” to operate in Germany with a “Bafin” license.

•    No deposit, No withdrawal: The service offers a unique way of storing client’s assets, in this trading platform, the client's funds or balance is always kept in the client’s bank account, whether at Fidor Bank AG or another supported bank.

•    User-friendly GUI: The platform is easy to use and suitable for beginners with German customer support. Once verified the account, the user can easily start buying or selling crypto-assets by merely navigating according to price and location of the buyer/seller as well as their rates.

•    Fair Trading Prices: Due to the method of trading crypto-assets which done by a peer-to-peer trade, it means that all registered user are gathered in one marketplace that makes the demand dramatically works fair to everyone.

•    Mobile App: The trading platform provides a mobile apps version.



•    Non-Anonymous: All the users must undergo a personal info verification, especially on the user’s bank account which needed for the funding and withdrawal of the assets.

•    Not Instant (Except Fidor customers): The trading platform doesn’t guarantee to deliver the order instantly, it means that the user can buy or sell several times in a day. But, the transaction might complete/approved until the next day.


How to Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies on

In contrast to other Bitcoin platform exchanges, doesn’t require to make deposits or withdrawals. The service provider makes it possible to purchase and sell the crypto-assets with a direct payment method to the other party.

This is how it works, the credit balance of a customer remains in fiat currency (EUR) on his/her bank account. However, the bank account of the customer must link to his/her account to make a transaction (buy or sell cryptocurrencies). You can set this up via “My”, “Settings”, and “Bank Account”.

The client can search according to the price and location of the buyer or seller as well as their reputation in the marketplace. Once the purchase made, the buyer should transfer the EUR amount via SEPA or wire bank transfer directly to the seller – this must complete via online banking within the estimated time of 60 minutes of the purchase. Please take note that it’s essential to mark the transaction online as paid; otherwise, it will automatically cancel the trade. Once the seller received a certain amount as the payment, the Bitcoin will be released and credited to the buyers account.    



All servers based in a protected data centers in Germany. The platform possessed a high-level network security systems and frequently reviewed by external Companies. The Company claims that more likely 98% of the customer’s assets stored offline (cold wallet), and only 2% of the total are kept online (hot wallet) which are regularly on the servers for disbursement requests of customers.

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