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20 rue du Banquier Paris 11 FR
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Exchange, Trading

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Bitit S.A.S

Date founded

Feb 28, 2015

Founder Name

Ugo Mare (Founder), Nicolas Katan (Co-founder)

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20 rue du Banquier Paris 11 FR

Commission When A Customer Spends $100

Total percentage of the spends amount

Commission duration

Each of your affiliates will generate lifetime commissions

Commission per sale

Earn up to 20% commission

Minimum withdrawal

No minimum

Payout frequency


Trading Method

peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange Bitcoins Trading

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Automatic payouts


Overview is not a usual crypto-trading platform which based in Paris, France and known as the first ever French Bitcoin startup hosted at TheFamily. This crypto-firm is typically an institution that caters a “Bitcoin Buying Platform Features” that support most of the top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and etc. The Company was founded by a group of brilliant people such as Nicoles Katan the Co-Founder & CEO; Ugo Mare the Co-Founder & CTO; Simon Potier the Co-Founder & Lead Developer and many more.

Obtaining virtual currencies using bitit-crypto-platform are made easy, it also supports several payment methods such as 3D secure credit/debit card, Flexepin, Neosurf, Cashlib prepaid vouchers and many more. The platform charges different rates depending on the payment method applied - A 3.9% charge will be applied for standard network fees per purchase, and 7.9% - 11.9% fees for cash purchase using Neosurf, Flexepin, and Cashlib prepaid vouchers.

Bitit Bitcoin Affiliate Program offers a sufficient income, and they will reward an affiliate up to 20% commission fee depending on the referral program rules. Get paid in Bitcoin and receive every 1st of every month with no minimum earnings. Also, that will automatically send to the affiliate bitcoin address.


What is the advantage of obtaining an affiliate system with this Cryptocurrency firm?

Beside the profitable revenue share that can earn up to 9% of Bitit’s commission fee as an affiliate commission. An affiliates can possibly “Boost Their Revenues” if their referred new user spend 100€ threshold equivalent – As a perk of this affiliate program, the affiliates will automatically receive a “Bitit Booster” which means that an extra coins will add up to the total purchased (Bitit Booster cover all future purchases during 24 hours after the activation of the new referred user.)

The payouts are paid in digital currency (Bitcoin) the 1st of every Month and said to be instant though some delay may apply. There also abundant marketing tools that can possibly double the earnings such as newsletters, social media platform, blogs, email, sales recap apps, brand assets/banners and capability of integrating on your personal website.

Commission Example:

A successful new referred user who spends 100€ of Bitcoin on Bitit, as an affiliate you will be eligible to receive up to 9% of Bitit origination fee of 8.9% as a reward. You earned 0.80€ as a commission. And the commission will be automatically sent to your personal BTC Address every 1st of the Month based on the daily Bitcoin exchange rate.


How to be an affiliate?

How do I become affiliated with It’s simple; you can register on their official site, or you can directly click on this link: Bitit Bitcoin Affiliation page. Then, complete the required application as listed below:

  1. Your full name
  2. The URL of your website
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your Bitcoin wallet address

Once completed and approved as an affiliate on, you will provide a tracking link/ affiliate link that you can put on your site, social networks, blog, etc.

You can also download the banners from their site to promote Bitit via your affiliate program. Also, you can embed banners on your websites and blogs. After everything is set up and good to go, all you need to do is continue promoting, and you will have the passive income from all your referrals in a lifetime. The payout will receive every 1st of the month with no minimum earnings.


How does the affiliate program work?

The Affiliate Program works simply as 123, get yourself registered and be officially affiliated with them (, share your unique affiliate link and bring new user as much as you can, and start earning free coins – simple as that!

More Information:

  1. Once your affiliate application approved, navigate your referral page on your account. Secure a copy of your unique referral link and send an invitation via emails, social media, article posting, blogs, website, and dynamic banners.
  2. The goal of sharing your affiliate link is to bring as much as many new users to the site, once your friends click on the referral link you’ve provided and they will decide to sign up for a New Bitit Account.
  3. If the new referred user will spend 100 € threshold equivalent, you will be eligible to receive an extra coin which is given on your future purchase that will automatically add up on your total purchased.
  4. There are more perks on this affiliate program that you are able to use. Also, there’s no limit of new user you can bring into the site.
  5. The commission will be 9% based on Bitit origination fees and the payout will be given monthly based on the daily cryptocurrency exchange rate which also automatically send to your personal Bitcoin address.



Nowadays, most of crypto-firm offer a free secure crypto-storage for their loyal customers. But, in the case of crypto platform – they don’t have any type of crypto-storage to offer to their customers. Instead, they let their users secure a valid Bitcoin address and personal storage or a third-party that cater to a service of safeguarding the user’s crypto-assets. The recommended storage is always a “hardware wallet,” but it’s up to the user’s choice – Here are the top three hardware wallet available in the crypto-market: TREZOR wallet, Ledger wallet, and KeepKey wallet.

Pros & Cons
  • Easy to get registered
  • Additional perks: 1% Bitit Booster coupon code for every new referred user who spend 100€
  • Support several marketing tools such as social media platform, newsletters, blogs, sales recap apps, email, brand assets/banners and capability of integrating on your personal website.
  • Instant payouts
  • Leading coins are supported: e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin
  • No Crypto-storage has been offered (affiliates are required to secure their own storage)
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    Irving (40) 1 year ago

    Fees and charges will not be an issue if cryptocurrencies can be bought like good as cash. High liquidity feature is a good sign for traders. A good site to start for those who have limited ID documents.

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2 reviews

  1. User avatar

    super.kvapil 7 months ago

    They support at least 15 fiat currencies, not just USD!!

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  2. User avatar

    Roselle 10 months ago

    Glad that steps on buying are on this review. Keep it up!

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