Coinhouse image supplies Bitcoin buying and selling services in France and throughout Europe, and also it’s associated with La Maison du Bitcoin and Let me discuss the two associated company; the La Maison du Bitcoin is one of the leading crypto-currency portals in France while is the in charge on operating the, which known as a Bitcoin security company.

Vincent Renaudineau the CEO and one of the key-person that are responsible for all the accomplishment of the company. The Coinhouse was founded in the last Month of YR2000 and based in France. It also offers a pretty generous affiliate program, on which the affiliates are eligible to receive a 20% commission fees for all operations made by their referrals. What’s more? The commission will be a lifetime opportunity as long the referrals are active, and there will be no minimum payout that is frequently sent automatically to the affiliates Bitcoin Address every week on Monday.

The fees charges are pretty high compared to other popular credit card exchanges. It ranges from 6-10% fees every transaction. The fees are increasing, the more you purchase, the less fee you pay. e.g., purchasing up to € 500 will have 10% out of the acquired amount, and the lowest fees are 6%, which available after purchasing more than € 10,000 in crypto-currencies.

According to Alexa, the it currently holds the global rank of 1,432,297, and that was pretty good rank for a limited accessible Countries. Obviously, most of their traffic originates in Europe only, since it’s currently exclusive to Europe Country. But, still, they managed to make their image famous enough in the blockchain technology since the previous three Months until now (Month of March, YR2018).



•    Buy bitcoin with a credit card: 3D secure Credit Card and Neosurf

•    Buy bitcoin with Neosurf prepaid cards

•    After initial verification, the Bitcoin will be delivered instantly

•    It has pretty good limits & liquidity: User can buy up to €2,000 per day or even €10,000 per month depending on the quality of the documents provided for verification.



•    Fees range from 6-10% (Fees are cumulative. So, once the more you purchase, the less fee you pay: 10% fees for purchases up to € 500, from € 500 to € 1000, charges fees are 9%, and the lowest fees are 6%, which available after purchasing more than € 10,000 in crypto-currencies).

•    Limited Countries: currently exclusive to Europe Only.


How to buy:

Verification is an essential point when buying Bitcoin and Ethereum at The verification level required is quite extensive. After completing the initial confirmation, it will instantly grant the user to place an order/transaction, but it will depend on the verification level and quality of documents provided.

Here are the standard requirements:

o    ID or Passport Photo (both sides if applicable)

o    A selfie with your ID or Passport

o    Proof of residence (utility bill)



The was affiliated with So, the company recommends Ledger Wallet for the Bitcoin and Ethereum storage – The already gain outstanding popularity that specialized in Bitcoin security, which guaranty secured and reliable storage.

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    Irving 1 month ago

    Prepaid is one advantage for retail purchase and transacting bitcoin. You will be able to allocate your budget spend and never go beyond your capacity. It also hold a fair provision for referrals. However, I will have second thought if my commission will not compensate the fees and charges

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