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    14455 N. Hayden Road Scottsdale Arizona, 85260 US
Automatic payouts
Commission duration
Commission per sale
    15% of Coinmama’s commission on ALL of your referrals purchases including all their future purchases.
Commission When A Customer Spends $100
    $1.5 (paid in BTC)
Company Name
    NBV International s.r.o
Contact email
Contact phone
    United States
Date founded
    Coinmama is a financial institution that provides the easiest way of buying Bitcoin (and Ether). It was founded in mid 2013 and was one of the first companies offering the possibility of buying bitcoin with credit card or cash.
Founder Name
    Mr. Asaph Schulman
Minimum withdrawal
    No minimum
Mobile version
Payout frequency
Referral reports
Secured By SSL
Trading Method
    peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange
Withdrawal methods
    Credit Card Debit Card

Coinmama is a financial institution that offers the fast and easiest way to purchase crypto-currency via credit/debit card. It was founded in mid-YR2013 with the help of an excellent CEO: Asaph Schulman. The Company is located in Scottsdale, USA, and it was also the first Company offer this method of payment that incredibly available for almost everyone around the world, serving more than 225 Countries and the majority of the U.S. states. But, it also has the highest fees charged when making purchases.

It also has a remarkable affiliate program that is available to everyone. It offers excellent deals to an affiliate’s; it has a 15% commission on ALL of the referrals purchases including all their future purchases – it means, that the affiliates are eligible to receive a commission fee from their referrals in a lifetime as long their references are active. What’s more? The affiliates are also entitled to get a $1.5 (paid in BTC) in every $100 spends by their referrals. The payout will frequently send every end of the Month with no minimum earnings, and it will automatically send to the registered Bitcoin Address of an affiliate together with the complete referrals report.

This Coinmama affiliate program also offers a one-way of earnings only, since, this is a buy-only outlet serving consumers, it means that the only way to earn commissions is when the referrals made their purchases. Unlike other affiliate programs, where they offer a various way on earnings from their referrals such as; Bitcoin exchanges, Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin pairing, and many more.

Coinmama is holding an outstanding rank on their popularity in the blockchain technology since the previous three Months until now (27th of April 2018). According to Alexa it currently holds the global rank of 12, 615, and it improved more than 19, 000 only for the past three Months and it still ranks up rapidly. Most of their traffic seems to originate in the United States and Japan, but significant numbers also come from India, Israel, and Canada.



  • Service are available most of the Countries or services are considered open globally (More than 225 Countries are registered on their database)
  • It offers a High limits for buying Bitcoins with a credit/debit card
  • It has a fast and responsive customer service
  • Beginner Friendly (It has the easiest way of buying digital currency)



  • It has the high fees for buying with a credit/debit card in the Blockchain Technology (about 6% fees applied in every transaction made).
  • It’s a buy-only outlet serving consumers.


How to buy:

Buying crypto-currency using Coinmama will only take three simple steps.

Step 1: Register and Verify your Email Address: You will need a valid email address and password, and fill out the registration form on the Coinmama’s homepage or you can click this link: Once registered and verified the verification email from Coinmama’s, you can now proceed to the second step.

Step 2: Submit Required Info and Proof of ID: Go to “My account” and click on the “Verify your account” tab. You will need to complete your private information and provide your preferred contact number or phone number. You are also asked to provide a valid ID such as driving license, national ID card, or even a passport are accepted. Please upload pictures of the front and back of the ID’s that you provided.

Step 3: Purchase Your Crypto-currency: One you completed the 1st and 2nd steps, you can now start buying your Bitcoin and Ethereum by going to the “Buy Bitcoin/Ethereum” tab. You will need to select the amount you preferred to purchase and don’t forget to provide your wallet’s address. After you’ve done with your payment details and they accepted – your crypto-currency will be sent automatically to the specified wallet address you’ve provided.



There are three different type of Bitcoin Wallets, and you may have one of these types. The Bitcoin Hardware Wallets, Online Wallets, and the last one are the Paper Wallet. All storage is supported with Coinmama; it’s all up to the user and the crypto-currency she/he have or preferred.  Let me discuss a little more. About the Hardware wallets, you can have the some popular or recommended wallets like Ledger, Trezor, and Keepkey. For the Online Wallets, here are some of the suggested: Jaxx, Coinbase, and Blockchain, and for the Paper wallets you can just print that out with private keys.

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