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    Oslo, Norway
Automatic payouts
Commission duration
    Yearly (Turnover: 15 mn Eur yearly)
Commission per sale
    Earn commission from 0.5% - 0%
Commission When A Customer Spends $100
    Total spends will be deducted by percentage commission of 0.5% or less
Company Name
    JustCoin Exchange (Powerd by: Asia Nexgen)
Contact email
    Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripples (XRP), Stellars (STR), USD, EUR, NOK
Date founded
    May 2013
    Justcoin is a digital currency exchange, founded in 2013 with its office in Oslo, Norway. Users can deposit using bank wire (EUR, USD, NOK) and trade in BTC/EUR, BTC/USD, BTC/NOK, BTC/LTC, BTC/XRP. Justcoin is also a Ripple gateway. Currently the platform sports more than 60, 000 users from the whole world and supports trading of the following (digital) currencies: NOK, EUR, BTC, LTC, XRP and STR.
Founder Name
    Klaus Lund ( CEO), Andreas Brekken (CTO)
Mobile version
Payout frequency
    By request
Referral reports
Secured By SSL
    Live chat, Tickets, Email and Social Media
Trading Method
    peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange
Withdrawal methods
    Bank Wire EUR USD NOK
JustCoin image

JustCoin Exchange is a digital currency exchange, established on May 7th, YR2013 with its office in Oslo, Norway. The Company founded by two exceptional key-people, Klaus Bugge Lund who has a background in finance with a Master’s degree in finance; Andreas Brekken is a highly experienced software architect. The platform provides users with several options for depositing using bank wire and ripple gateway. Platform trade most of the major fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies such as BTC/EUR, BTC/USD, BTC/LTC, BTC/NOK, and BTC/ XRP, etc. The fiat trading fee will have 0.5% in every order matches, which can be lowered down to 0.0%.

The Company offers a decent passive income for all of the affiliates. JustCoin affiliate program provides 5% revenue share for twelve months in every successful and active referral. The payout is daily with no minimum earnings.



•   User-Friendly Platform: GUI of this platform has a Light and intuitive design

•   Several fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies supported: The platform offers a bunch of fiat currency and cryptocurrencies even alternative crypto currencies like XRP, LTC, etc.

•   Low Fees: The size of the network fees is pretty cheap for a quality trading platform.

•   Active Blog: Live blogging are pretty helpful for all the traders especially for the newbie. Essential information shared in public is an excellent source of info.

•   Strong technological background: The Company and the platform itself possessed a tremendous technological experience. Credit to the developer who’s also one of the founders of the Company.

•   Deposit and withdrawal methods: The platform supports several currencies such as USD, EUR, NOK, etc. for depositing & withdrawing assets at the user’s Bitcoin Account.

•   Excellent Platform Security: SSL protocol and other privacy features are brilliant.



•   No phone number: Although the JustCoin Exchange support team are pretty top on their customer support, they don’t have phone support.


Funding and Withdrawing Assets on JustCoin Exchange:

JustCoin Exchange platform provides users with some option to deposit assets on their account by using bank wire. Also, all users can use the second party as ripple gateway.

Deposit and withdrawal methods on this platform support several fiat currencies like USD, EUR, NOK, etc.


How to Trade on JustCoin Exchange:

The first thing for most is you need to do when you wish to start trading at “JustCoin Exchange Platform” is to fund your account, once done. You’re ready to trade several fiat currencies like USD, EUR, NOK and cryptocurrencies like BTC, LTC, and XRP. The mechanics of trading done by pairing fiat to cryptocurrency such as BTC/EUR, BTC/USD, BTC/LTC, BTC/NOK, and BTC/XRP and network fees are very cheap, low as 0.5% per order, which possible to be lowered down to 0.0%. The JustCoin platform shared more likely the same procedure with most of the crypto-exchange out there in the bitcoin market. If you’re familiar with some of the trading platform beside JustCoin, for sure, you will feel at home with the platform.



Most bitcoins at JustCoin Exchange stored in encrypted offline wallets in bank vaults. All user’s assets are claimed as the most priority at all times and kept securely away from potential hackers. All users are advised to keep their credential private and to have two-factor authentication (2FA/OTP) enabled for their own account’s safety.

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    Irving 2 months ago

    Fair share on passive on income scheme. Anyone can trade due to low fees and since a blog is available, a trader will have key points to trade. Not for those who look for a phone support always when things go wrong.

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