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Jan 01, 2017

Founder Name

Michael Gan

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Commission When A Customer Spends $100

$0.20 USD

Commission duration


Commission per sale


Maximum withdrawal


Minimum withdrawal

0.0005 BTC

Payout frequency


Supported crypto currencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

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Automatic payouts



With more than 350 currency pairs, the KuCoin Exchange is one of the biggest names. The platform did not go online until November 2017. The crypto-affine team spent several years building up its features, optimizing user-friendliness and preparing for the launch. Following the example of the Binance Coins, there is also a separate token for KuCoin, with which various benefits and indirect revenues are associated. The favorable fee rate of 0.1% is another powerful argument for many traders to turn their backs on other exchanges and use KuCoin instead.

While some of the better-known trading platforms are already over-saturated and frequently stop their admissions, KuCoin is still collecting a lot of new members. If you would like to help the team a little to get the word out, you can register for the Referral Bonus Program. What it is all about is explained below.


What does the affiliate program of KuCoin offer?

Everyone who logs in to KuCoin automatically receives a personal referral link with a specific code at the end. Exchange members can then share this link with their friends and acquaintances in online forums, e-mail, on their own website, on their personal blog, on the pinboard of a social network, via What's App or even in their own Youtube video.

The special feature of the KuCoin partner program is that a distinction is made between directly invited and indirectly invited first and second-degree partners. Affiliates can not only earn extra money from the transactions of the directly recruited customers but also receive bonus payments when those customers have invited other people. In total, KuCoin pays 40% of the fees charged per trade to the partner network - that 40% is split between you, your direct invitees and their invitees. In plain language, this means that if a customer who has registered with KuCoin via your reference link carries out a trade, you will receive 20% of the fees. If that customer has now referred other people to KuCoin, you will also receive 12% of the fees. If those people now invite more people, you will still be happy about a whopping 8% per trade.

With this scheme, KuCoin wants to encourage all its customers to share their reference links with the wider world. By earning from the referred customers of your referred customers, you will encourage your circle of acquaintances to participate in the bonus program - a clever move by KuCoin to get as many new registrations as possible.

40% of a 0.1% trading fee may seem devastatingly small at first glance, but the bill will pay if you successfully refer several new customers to KuCoin and each of them recruits further new customers. You could have hundreds of indirectly invited first-degree customers and thousands of indirectly invited second-degree customers in no time at all - each of them will ultimately pay you a few percents of the trading fee they charge. In your account overview, you'll see how many direct and indirect invitees you've already won. Make sure that the duration of the bonus exchanges is one year from the first transaction.
The bonus payments are registered every two hours and can be saved in your wallet with just one click. From there, you can use the coins you have to initiate your own stock exchange swap or send them to an external wallet, paying only the standard network fees. Do not forget to take the necessary precautions to protect your account from hacker attacks and other unwanted intrusions. KuCoin offers two-factor authentication, anti-phishing phrases, and various security questions.

Everything important at a glance:

  1. Relatively young stock market with hundreds of currency pairs, many innovative features, and low trading fees, so KuCoin also has a growing customer base
  2. Members receive a unique link to invite new customers
  3. When a Referred Friend makes a trade, affiliates receive up to 20% of the fee in the corresponding cryptocurrency
  4. KuCoin differentiates between the direct donations (20%) and the indirectly invited first (12%) and second degree (8%).
  5. The bonus redistributions are granted per new customer for one month and remain initially in the account / on the KuCoin Wallet



KuCoin is definitely an interesting and promising platform. It’s a great place to start your cryptocurrency journey as it is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. KuCoin may seem to be a recent arrival in cryptocurrency, it has been in the works for years which should mean it has substantial knowledge and experience.

Pros & Cons
  • Accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies
  • Transparent transactions and reasonable fees
  • Lots of early stage listings
  • Does not accept fiat currencies
  • No margin trading
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