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Plus500UK Ltd

Date founded
Apr 30, 2008
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Mr. Ittai Ben-Zeev (Owner), Mr. Dror Sordo (Founder)

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United Kingdom


United Kingdom

Commission When A Customer Spends $100

$700, 00

Commission duration

Depends on your commission model

Commission per sale

Rev share or CPA (up to $700 per customer) but Unfortunately Pays Out in Fiat

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Payout frequency
Trading Method

peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange and Bitcoins Trading

Automatic payouts

Plus500 Ltd. is an Israel-based company that provides an online Contracts for Difference (CFDs). Also, The Company established in mid-YR 2008; this program is a fully comprehensive program in the field of finance. The service is a CFC Forex Broker that is registered on the London Stock Exchange and regulated by ASIC in Australia, FCA in UK and CySEC in Cyprus – it means that legitimacy of the Company is guaranteed. The service offers a signing bonus, no commissions (but network fee will apply based on the Plus500’s spreads depending on the currencies it trading), free and unlimited demo account, and a multi-platform in which the traders can get started as low as £100 for the minimum deposit. There is a various number of countries involved with this service and the Company managed to established excellent reputation specifically in the field of Forex which earned the best possible revenue; however, traders from the USA or Canada are restricted to use their service.

The Plus500 affiliate program offers various marketing tools, including banners, logos, videos, live rate widgets, articles, and reviews. The affiliates are capable of managing their accounts efficiently with the aids of all relevant data like registrations, tags, GEO, visits, financial information, conversion rates, etc.; also, by receiving updates and notifications. Extensive affiliates fee tiers and options offered on this service, the affiliates can choose between the three different level of Plus500 affiliate program earnings such as “Plus500 CPA Plan” where the affiliate is entitled to receive $200 - $800 per trade. For the second tier, “Plus500 Revenue Shared” which offer a percentage shared of the MGR (Monthly Gross Revenue) that will earn from the users who referred to the broker and sign up within the last twelve months. The third tier is a special combination of CPA rates and Revenue shares called “Plus500 Hybrid Plan”. All three tier of the affiliate program offers immediate reward from the referred traffic and longer term of earning from the trader’s transactions. For the CPA plan, the payment will be based for each “Qualified Real Money Trader” through the affiliate program site and who registered within the last twelve months. Also, the payouts is said to be monthly bases with the minimum earnings of $400 that is manually send to the affiliate BTC wallet or address.



•   Easy to promote on your website: The platform possessed various useful marketing tools in which the affiliates are capable of managing their marketing strategies with the aids of all relevant data.

•   A high rate of return for referrals: The service offers three different tiers with sufficient passive income, the “CPA Plan, Revenue Shares, and Hybrid Plan.”

•   GUI is beginner friendly: Easy to navigate dashboard.

•   Excellent choice of banners and other resources: The affiliates are capable of managing their accounts efficiently with the aids of all relevant data like registrations, tags, GEO, visits, financial information, conversion rates; also, by receiving updates and notifications.

•   Free Platform to everyone: No fees to join the program. Instead, it offers a sing up bonuses.

•   Available Demo Account: Free unlimited time demo account is obtainable on this service.

•   Excellent Features on Trading Platform: Fast and reliable order execution, the features are great such as Stop Limit/ Stop Loss/ Trailing Stop and a guaranteed Stop with FREE notifications.

•   Negative Balance Protection: The service has this feature in which both parties involved in trading are protected having a transaction or pairs of insufficient funds.



•   Extremely Strict to the rule: Be sure to follow strict promotional guidelines.

•   Manual Trading Platform: No automated trading platform available

•   Single Trading Platform Available: Only one trading platform is open, no MT4

•   Relatively High Spreads: The service possessed pretty high fixed spreads on each currency available on the platform.


Funding and Withdrawing Assets on Plus500 Ltd:

Funding your account at Plus500 can be done through a Visa or MasterCard Credit Card, MoneyBookers or a wire transfer will also do. The fastest way to start trading is by depositing through a Visa or Mastercard. Here are some simple steps to complete a deposit, from the service platform navigate and click on “Funds Management” and follow the instruction accordingly, then, click “Deposits.”


Withdrawal assets at Plus500, all customer need to follow the regulation requirements, a photo ID (passport, driver’s license or other official documents) is one of the required and verification of the current address. The needed personal-information can be sent via “Plus500 Contact Us Form” or by just uploading the file (pdf, jpeg, tif or document type file with the upload function provided on the “Plus500 trading platform”). Please remember that this process will take up to 24 hours to complete or validate the files.


How to Trade on Plus500 Ltd:

Plus500 provides over 2000 different instruments to trade with over 60 currency pairs available. To trade/exchange an asset, the user’s will click “Buy” which located next to the “ask price,” or “Sell” next to the “Bid Price.” Please note that the price list located on the left side of the platform.

Once the “Clicked” the corresponding button (Buy or Sell), a small pop-up window will appear which shows the assets, the current price, the amount to be invested in the trade, the necessary margin also the stop loss and take profit prices.

Please take note that each of these the settings can be adjusted, after which the traders can click the “trade button” to execute the order.



Plus500 Ltd. Will hold the client's assets in a safe and segregated client bank account, in agreement with the relevant regulatory requirements. As usual for those clients who are on cryptocurrencies trading, all users are required to secure their BTC wallet or address for the trading transaction as well as funding/withdrawing assets into their Plus500 account.

For the record: As the legitimacy of the Company, Plus500 Ltd is licensed by ASIC (AFSL Number 417727) and authorized Financial Services Provider #47546 in South Africa and fulfills with relevant clients’ money regulations. What’s more? The Company is a CFC Forex Broker that registered on the London Stock Exchange. Also, FCA in Uk and CySEC in Cyprus.

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    Irving 1 week ago

    Rules need to be followed if the return is just. Manual trade is a plus for those beginners in the trade. Excellent platform for affiliate seeking traders as well. Not for those who look for MT4.

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