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Many people probably already know that cryptocurrency can be obtained not only by mining or investing in potential tokens. The reality is that the cryptocurrency can already be earned. Perhaps the most popular way to do this is to participate in various partnership programs offered by various services. Today let's consider RunCPA - one of the most popular affiliate programs for earning cryptocurrency on the Internet.

The essence of any affiliate program is to monetize traffic. RunCPA offers a number of implemented conversion schemes. Payment transactions are carried out in Bitcoin, thus providing complete anonymity of earnings. It is noteworthy that traffic is accepted from all over the world, but there are certain restrictions that are specified in terms of a specific offer.

RunCPA offers two payment schemes: a one-off fee for registration and regular deductions from the amount of all expenses made by your referred clients. It is important to note that the percentage of these charges can be as high as 80%. RunCPA has also a referral program, the remuneration within which is carried out in the form of a one-time payment and in the form of a fixed percentage of the income of the attracted client.

The directly active offer is located in the corresponding offer search tab in the RunCPA interface. All the necessary information about the offer you are presented in the form of a table contains information about the payment scheme, level of remuneration and other data. It should be remembered that in the considered affiliate program there is an original system for monitoring the quality of traffic. This implies that all traffic providers will be divided into several categories, each of which indicates the quality of the services provided, where red has the lowest rating and green respectively represent the most reliable traffic.

A nice feature of the RunCPA affiliate program is that it performs all financial transactions using Bitcoin, which in turn is a serious guarantee of anonymity. Payments to the specified address can be made at any time; restrictions on the number of payments are determined solely by the conditions of a particular offer and negotiated in advance.

Instant payouts in Bitcoin, complete anonymity and good bonuses for top webmasters, coupled with the adoption of virtually any type of traffic, undoubtedly make RunCPA a very convenient resource to ensure passive income. The earnings from participating in such programs seriously depend on the user and his activity.

So, having analyzed the brightest aspects of RunCPA, let's summarize the features of this affiliate program.



    As a result, the high popularity of RunCPA is quite reasonable as it is a good tool to ensure passive income through the monetization of traffic. Obviously, this type of activity is unlikely to bring enormous wealth, but with due diligence is quite capable of providing additional income, which is never superfluous.

    Pros & Cons
    • Accepting almost all types of traffic
    • Traffic quality control system
    • Low potential income
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