5 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

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Playing video games is one of the fun ways you can spend your time. Did you know that you can convert your hobby for video games into a money making activity? All you need is to think outside the box. It doesn’t have to be about designing video games. You can make some extra money by turning the play into work. Here are 5 ways to make money playing video games:

1. Become a Game Tester, Literally

If you are enthusiastic about gaming, you can become a game tester. However, you have to link up with the major game studios to find out if they can take you on board. It may not be a glamorous position but it will surely earn you some money. If you are doing it full-time, the job wouldn’t earn you much.

As a game tester, you may not get to play your favorite games as much as you would like. What the job is about is to hunt for possible bugs so that when the game is released to the market, it wouldn’t have any issues. Debugging, thus, involves repetitively playing a section of the game throughout the day.

2. Live-Streaming Your Game Play Sessions

Opportunities exist for live streaming of your gameplay sessions to audiences across the world. The audience may not pay you but once you have huge numbers, you can start earning money by accepting ads. Once your audience becomes loyal enough, you can start charging them for watching the video sessions. You may want to start with sites such as YouTube Gaming or Twitch.

Since building an online audience takes long, don’t expect to monetize your video streaming service that quickly. In the beginning, getting 10 viewers is a real hassle. However, it is possible to gain thousands of viewers within a year or so, if you are patient. Leverage on your personality or humor to stand out from the saturated live streaming industry.

3. Write Game Guides and Walkthroughs

Once you start learning everything about certain games, you can turn your knowledge into guides for other players. New players would appreciate learning about a game before they start playing. Although it takes time, you can turn your guide into an e-book for selling on sites such as Amazon’s Kindle or Killer Guides.

Make sure you are one of the earliest players of the game. As soon as it is launched onto the market, play it. Other players will appreciate reading your guide. After releasing the e-book, market it on social media as well as your website. You will begin to earn money as soon as people start buying the e-book.

4. Joining eSports Tournaments

Many people are making some extra cash by participating in eSports. Why don’t you join them? Apart from earning money, eSports will expose you to the wider gaming world and make you famous. Popular tournaments such as DOTA2 have prize money to the tune of millions. Winning such a tournament could make you rich.

eSports tournaments are usually open to people from all walks of life. After joining, you can play your heart out, beat everyone else, and end up with the grand prize. But you cannot be good if you aren’t playing regularly. So make sure you know the game inside out. After all, winning cannot come without preparation.

5. Write Game Reviews

Interest in gaming doesn’t necessarily end with playing. Other people are passionate about reading gaming reviews and opinions. However, you can't just wake up one day and write a good review, First, you need to play the game and get a feel of it. Only make sure that you don’t rush it. Once the review is ready, you can publish it on your site or other websites that accept such content.

Enroll in relevant affiliate programs to earn money when people buy games by clicking on the links on your site. In addition to that, selling advertising space on your site will also earn you a lot of cash. Apart from web content, you may create videos and put them out there for people to watch. It may take time to start making money but once you start, you will be proud of yourself.


As you can see, monetizing your gaming hobby is simple. Discussed above are 5 ways to make money playing video games. Depending on your area of interest, you can adopt any of these methods and make money from gaming.

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