What is Tether (USDT)?

What is Tether?


It was founded by Jean Ludovico's Vander Velde in November 2015.



Tether uses a
Symbol - USD 
Blockchain - POW 
Hash alGorithm - Omnicore.


Tether (USDT) is a useful crypto whose value roughly mirrors the value of the U.S. Dollar. The idea was to...

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What is proof of burn?

What is proof of burn?

Proof of burn is a method for a distributed consensus.

It is an alternative to proof of work and proof of stake, it can also be used for bootstrapping one cryptocurrency off of another.

All Proof of Burn cryptocurrencies work by burning...

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What is OmiseGO?

What is OmiseGO?

OmiseGO is an open payment platform and the centralized exchange issued on Ethereum, an open-source public blockchain. Jun Hasegawa is the founder and CEO of OmiseGO. which is a multinational company founded in 2013. It has more than 150 employees....

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