Blockchain Developer: How to Become a Top-notch Smart Contract Engineer

Blockchain Developer: How to Become a Top-notch Smart Contract Engineer image

Everyday transactions have never been easy. Time, money and effort are invested just to deal with those transactions.


Businesses nowadays are becoming aggressive on how to make their transactions easier and faster with their customers or suppliers. But with the help of technology and the support of blockchain, some businesses have gained high hopes that this may now be the solution to their problems.


Many are becoming interested in blockchain technology. With that, we’re slowly turning into a revolution where hassle becomes a no-no and transactions are done at ease.


Technology is within our reach.  All we have to do is cultivate it to better utilize the benefits we can have from it.


With the help of technology enthusiasts such as blockchain developers and smart contract engineers to name a few, mankind has now the capability to dig more out of the “fruits” technology has to offer.


The blockchain technology has made and continuously making new advancement in the cryptocurrency world. This is made possible by the blockchain developers. One of the aspects that are taken into consideration in developing a good cryptocurrency foundation is the smart contract.  But the thing here is, how will someone become a top-notch smart contract engineer? 


How to Become a Top-notch Smart Contract Engineer

You must possess a deep knowledge of smart contract development and how it works.

What is Smart contract and why is it being developed? The smart contract was developed to ensure a more reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and smooth flow of transactions, as compared to the normal traditional systems. These features have hooked the interest of many over the past few years that even financial institutions and government organizations are thinking of using the blockchain technology to its advantage.


Now, when you develop something, you must understand all of its processes. Being well-versed with smart contracts means that you must be able to know that these are the most utilized application of blockchain technology nowadays. 


Smart contracts, in simple thought, are pieces of code that help regulate transactions between parties by the use of digital currencies and assets.


In these contracts, middlemen or intermediaries are not involved. These contracts are created in a way that a contract’s execution is automatic depending upon meeting all of its underlying criteria. If something related to a condition has gone wrong, the contract will be immediately revoked and the asset exchange will not be performed.


This is to implement security over the assets and the contract itself.


To give a bigger picture of the idea, the use of smart contract in conducting business transactions can result in a more effective communication and execution between the parties involved. It works based on a condition written and agreed by both parties under the smart contract. This minimizes miscommunication among parties. Moreover, the transaction is paperless due to the fact that it is digital and is also done through the Internet.


You must be able to lay down all the advantages and disadvantages of a smart contract.

An engineer must be able to work on the advantages and disadvantages of a smart contract. Through this, he/she will be able to know if there is still something that needs to be improved in the smart contract.


Advantages such as transparency or where a contract before its execution is filled with terms and conditions that both the parties have agreed upon; time efficiency or when a contract is executed only if the conditions are met and no middleman is involved; precision or every condition written in the contract is in detailed form, safety or transactions become safer because data are encrypted with codes that are equipped with high safety standards; and efficiency or the lesser the time needed per transaction, the more efficient the flow of transaction is on saving and trust must really be coordinated with the smart contract.


These advantages make a smart contract appealing to the users.


But despite its benefits, the smart contract has disadvantages that are quite alarming to some.


The issue about the smart contract is its low-quality code that may be exploited by hackers to steal your money. By knowing this, the engineer or his team will be able to implement a security system with regards to this issue.


It is really important for a developer to see things in a different aspect in order for him/her to immediately take action on the issues.


You must have a breadth of experience in multiple languages or frameworks such as Solidity, JavaScript and Truffle, to name a few.

Some might not know that in order to create an Ethereum smart contract, Solidity language is used which is similar to JavaScript in its syntax.


A smart contract is executed through codes. It is a must that a developer must have breadth experiences with the use of codes.


You must have strong software engineering practices.

Without engineers, a smart contract cannot be developed. Some of the skills that a developer must have are:


Blockchain architecture

Here, an excellent understanding of blockchain is a must have. Concepts like cryptographic hash functions, consensus, and distributed ledger technology should be familiarized.


Data structures

According to a writer named Paul, Blockchain uses a plethora of data structures in conjunction with advanced cryptography to build a secure and immutable system. Data structures make your knowledge about blockchain complete.


Web development

This is the core aspect of becoming a developer. Experiences about basic designs on decentralized applications are highly encouraged to become a developer.


Basics of both front-end and back-end development which includes things like creating interactive graphical user interfaces for Dapps, API handling, and request handling are some of the things that must be learned and experienced.


Learn from the Experts

Learning from school is a good thing but learning from the experiences of others, especially with the experts is a must-learn experience.


You cannot be where you are right now without the help, guidance, and advice from the persons on the same field. Learn from their mistakes and make sure to apply every learning in your journey because learning without application is nothing.


Final thoughts

The tips above can definitely help you on your journey to becoming a top-notch smart contract engineer. They are not the only ways of achieving such a goal.


There are a bunch of tricks that you can discover. Pick the style that best suits your capabilities and improves yourself in any manner that you may wish.


After all, becoming a smart contract engineer is not easy, what more about becoming a top notch.


What you have to keep in mind is that it has always been not about the achievement but about the journey of achieving such.

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