Cashback Bonuses - Basic Principles, Pros and Cons, Common Terms and Conditions

Cashback Bonuses - Basic Principles, Pros and Cons, Common Terms and Conditions image

Nowadays, there are a lot of bonuses that casinos offer to attract new players and keep the existing players play on their site. The market is getting competitive especially with the bonuses they offer. Of course, the better reward system the more players they will get. One of the bonuses on the list is the Cashback Bonus.


A cashback bonus is getting more popular nowadays. This promotion is available in almost everywhere involving money, not only in casinos. Cashback Bonus is also available in credit cards, debit cards, wallets, games, shopping cards, and etc. Cashback bonus is basically your refund for the percentage of your net losses over a certain period of time or on a specific game. This basically means that even you’re losing bets, you will still receive points, casino coins refund or even cash. Points can be convertible to cash, or casino coins. Casino coins can be used in the game and cash can be withdrawn using your desired payment method. If you’re active in betting, you can definitely benefit from this promotion.


Types of Cashback

Here are the main types of cashback offers available:

  1. Ongoing Cashback – This is the cashback that will be automatically rewarded to your account. It is the percentage of your net loss over a period of time.

  2. VIP Cashback – If you have a VIP membership, then you are qualified for the VIP cashback. It is the percentage of their losses based on their VIP loyalty status.

  3. Cashback Deposit Bonus – You’ll get this cashback bonus from depositing a certain amount that qualifies for the bonus. Then, you will receive a certain percentage of your losses back. It is somewhat similar to the Reload Bonus.

  4. Cashback Welcome Bonus – Similar to sign up bonus, and is only one-time. It is only available for new players. Once you deposit a certain amount, you will receive a percentage of cashback.


Basic Principles

There are lots of casinos that offer a cashback system. So it’s up to you where do you want to sign up. Some casino offers different types, that is why most players are taking advantage of it.


Players who get the VIP membership or who are included in the Loyalty program are usually offered or given real cash as their cashback bonus. Players taking part in the casino’s VIP or Loyal Player program are mostly offered with real money cashback bonuses.


In some casinos, the cashback percentage will depend on what membership you will avail. Usually, they have different membership levels and each level has a matching cashback percentage. The cashback may vary around 5% - 25% but the percentage of the cashback may also vary from casino to casino and the qualification requirements.


  1. Cashback bonus will allow you to play longer and save some money because you can use the cashback bonus to play your desired game again or longer.

  2. Even if you’re losing, you will get something in return over time. Of course, when you’re playing your favourite casino game, you will win and lose. With the cashback bonus, it at least gives a percentage of your losses.

  3. You can receive cash back on a regular basis if you’re qualified for the Cashback Deposit Bonuses program.

  4. You can take advantage of it if you are an active player.



  1. Most online casinos offer a limited-time cashback bonus. Depending on the casino, some only offer cashback promotion for a short period of time; hours only to be exact. Some offer it on a regular basis but mostly, they are limited.

  2. Not all casino games have cashback promotions. Only selected casino games have the cashback promo, if they do, they have a limit. There are instances where not all of your losses will be counted or considered.

  3. Basically, the more you’re actively losing, the more cashback bonus. Unfortunately, you must lose your entire deposit to get your cashback bonus.

Common Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately, there is no all-in-one promotion offer. All of the bonuses have their own terms and conditions and it just depends on the casino that you’re dealing with.


Always go through the entire terms and condition page. Most of us skip reading this page and just hit the ‘agree’ or ‘continue’ button. Doing this is unknowingly neglecting the most important thing you need to know when playing any game in casinos. We skip the important part because simply, we’re lazy to do so or thinking that it might not be important. But that part that we often skip is the most important because that contains the rules on how you will get or how will you be qualified for whatever bonus that is.


There are scam deals, worst deals, and nonsense ‘cashback’ deals all over the internet. Some will require you to lose a huge amount of money just to qualify for the cashback. Cashback bonus may or may not be the best choice for you. You can make it work, though, if you find a casino dealer that has a good offer which will benefit you.


You should still keep an eye for the Cashback Bonus as often times, they are just for the limited time. Some have good deals, and it will be worth it if you can catch one.



Not all casinos have the same cashback percentage. The cashback percentage may vary depends on the promotion, and the casino you’re playing with. Most casinos are giving the cashback on how active the player is for a certain period of time. The cashback bonus that you will get will depend on how many bets you made over the period of time. Usually, the cashback percentage ranges from 5% - 25 5 depends on the casino. This can be weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly. So basically, the more you lose, the more cashback you will get.


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