Provably Fair Bitcoin Games


Complete fairness is key in any game of chance. If players do not trust an online gaming system, they will be less inclined to place bets on such online gaming facilities. The Blockchain technology has brought unprecedented benefits to online transactions,...

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Gambling Laws in Switzerland

Switzerland has a detailed provision for gambling. These regulations act as a framework which defines the limitations of gambling, the requirement on gambling, and the types of legal and illegal gambling within the country. This article will highlight the different...

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How to bypass restrictions of online casinos in regulated countries

Online casinos are banned in some countries – yes that’s the reality – and it’s because of several reasons. Some banned gambling online due to religion – Islamic nations prohibited it – some for other reasons. So, what do you do if you find yourself in a country...

Is Bitcoin casino reliable and what is provably fair gaming?

The anonymity that bitcoin offers may lead to fraud - this is the general perception relating to this field. In online casinos, this can be a huge problem. Regulating the system is difficult, because of the inherent nature of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies....

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