Safe Cryptocurrency Investment: Most Common Cryptocurrency Scams

The cryptocurrency has opened a lot of opportunities for investors to not only expand their investment portfolio but also gain more profit. It has also made itself a good platform for traders to practice and improve their analytical skills. However, the market...

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2-factor authentication (SMS, physical token, Google Authenticator, Authy...)

2-factor authentication is considered to be a good way of enhancing online account security. Rather than relying solely on a password, there are different 2FA methods which sort of increase an extra layer of security in an attempt to reduce problems such as...

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What is proof of burn?

What is proof of burn?

Proof of burn is a method for a distributed consensus.

It is an alternative to proof of work and proof of stake, it can also be used for bootstrapping one cryptocurrency off of another.

All Proof of Burn cryptocurrencies work by burning...

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