Core Blockchain Dev vs Blockchain Software Dev: Fundamental Guide for Beginners that Will Work for You

Core Blockchain Dev vs Blockchain Software Dev: Fundamental Guide for Beginners that Will Work for You image

Living in the era of modern technology and impressive innovations, you might have asked yourself, “How can I get along with this kind of generation?” And admit it or not, we know that we should make use of all these things- its benefits, its usefulness, its advantages or else, we will be left behind.


One of the uprising innovations at this point in time is the blockchain technology. Proving its use for years now, it is not just limited to cryptocurrencies but different sectors and institutions are considering it and some of them are already using it.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger that keeps track of transactions and activities happening throughout the network.


And because of its usefulness and uniqueness, we could call this one a revolutionary technology and with that being said, it certainly did open up new work and field development opportunities to web developers and technology enthusiast. So the big question is how to become a core blockchain developer and blockchain software developer?


This article will tackle some basic guides for beginners who are really interested in becoming a blockchain technology savvy.


Types of Blockchain Developers

Core Blockchain Developer

This developer is responsible for developing the blockchain system architecture and designing the network architecture, consensus protocol and other high-level decisions pertaining to blockchain technology.


Blockchain Software Developer

The role of this developer is somewhat the same as that of a usual web developer.


The decentralized applications or Dapps are designed by the Blockchain developers based on the protocols and architectures designed by the Core Blockchain Developer.


This developer also develops Smart Contracts, the Dapps’ interactive front-end designs and the management and supervision of the entire stack that is running on the Dapps.


These two work hand in hand to create a successful blockchain technology.


Beginner’s Guidelines

There are guidelines to follow to become well versed in blockchain developer.


Know the Basics

Just like any other work field, you must also have knowledge and understanding about the blockchain technology. You can start by familiarizing with the words related to it, different terms and its concept.


We already defined earlier what blockchain is. The following are some terms that you should be familiarized with:


Central Ledger - it is the ledger maintained by a central agency.

Cryptocurrency - a representation of digital assets.

Consensus Algorithm - determines who will verify the blocks of data and how it can be validated and how others can prove its legitimacy.


These are only a few of the many terminologies that you should be familiar with to have a better understanding of the blockchain technology and how to become a blockchain developer. If you really are determined to become one, you must start reading and familiarizing yourself with these terms. Don’t worry because Google is always available for your research.


Know How it Works

Being familiar with the terminology is one way to prepare for your blockchain development career. But that is not enough. You must know and understand how it actually works.


But how will you understand the process if you don’t get a chance to experience it first hand?


Well, one basic step for you to know the process is through availing or getting your own online wallet. Since blockchain is directly related to cryptocurrencies, you can actually learn and observe how it works by getting your own. But do not store up a huge amount of money to your online wallet, put just enough money that you can utilize while learning how blockchain actually works.


Try Doing It

Familiarizing yourself with the terminology, knowing the concepts and learning how blockchain works could surely help you develop a blockchain. But unless you try to create one, you’ll never know if you really are bound to become a Core Blockchain Developer or a Blockchain Software Developer.


You might know by now that blockchain greatly relies on computer science so if you already have a background on this, then there is a great chance you will succeed on becoming the kind of developer you would like to be. A background in web development, security and networking could also help you in this endeavor.


A list of skills that you will need in case you pursue this career path might help you.


Here are some skills you may need to know:


  • In-depth knowledge and applicative sense of data structures is a necessity.

  • A good grasp on cryptography is also required.

  • Striving to learn about smart contract development.

  • Must know the basics of both front-end and back-end development.


Final Thought

Knowing the ins and outs of blockchain development could help you become a good core blockchain developer or blockchain software developer. There are a lot of skills that you need to possess and a lot of things to consider for you to properly assess yourself on what kind of a developer you would like to become.

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