Expected Return of a Betting System

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One of the ways to know how much money a player should expect from a game round in an offline or offline casino is the payout ratio or RTP. However, RTP only takes into account the prevailing game round and hardly considered what happens in a betting system. While a game round happens once, a betting system refers to what goes on for the entire duration of casino betting online or offline.

Say you log into an online gambling site for an evening of playing. During the session, you choose to play a certain selection of games. Periodically you change the settings or even game variants. You may also vary how big or small your bets are and when to end the session. All of the things that happen during the session is what constitutes the betting system.

It gets better when the actions of all the players participating in the offline or online casino are considered to determine the betting system. If an online casino has one million players logged in at a particular time, all their actions work together to form the betting system.

What’s The Expected Return of a Betting System?

Just as RTP is important in determining how much money a player can win in a casino game, so is the expected return of a betting system. It is defined as the ratio of the total winnings of all players that hit the target to the net losses of players who were not that lucky.

The expected return of a betting system is influenced by factors such as the game variance and the bet size. Thus a low variance game allows a player to take longer in their game while compromising their chances of winning much more money. High variance games, on the other hand, are likely to result in bigger wins.

As far as the bet size is concerned, it plays an important role when it comes to calculating the amount a player is likely to win. Thus, the bet size has a huge influence on the expected return of a betting system. As such, higher bets attract higher RTPs.

What’s The Best Betting System?

For every gambler, coming up with a working betting system should be of the highest priority. The best betting system is one that guarantees the highest returns. It is often a perfect blend between betting odds, bet sizes, and the length of time a player takes.

It is important that players choose a betting system that allows them to play for long enough while assured of high chances of winning. That may mean placing huge bets on a game with a high enough variance. With that, you can be assured of earning lots of cash. If all you want is to have some fun gambling online, you may choose a betting system with the highest variance and place conveniently small bets.

Casino players can have a good idea of how profitable their wins will be by looking at the expected return of a betting system. While this is a complicated concept for most, it helps to know how casino betting works. The next time you log in to an online casino, you will have a good understanding of how it works.

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