Gambling In South Carolina

Like most U.S. State gambling laws, North Carolina’s are not easy to decipher. At first glance, it might seem that gambling is more legal than it is illegal in South Carolina. However, on deeper scrutiny, it becomes obvious that this is not the case.

The South Carolina Gambling laws are covered in Title 16 of Chapter 19 of the South Carolina Code of Laws revised in late 2016. The Code of Laws on Contracts and Agents also briefly provides legislation on the suit and recovery from gambling contracts in Title 32.

State of Offline Gambling In South Carolina

Gambling is largely illegal in this State. All kinds of gambling involving cards, dice, gambling or gaming tables of any kind are prohibited in South Carolina. Also, gambling or betting on the side of games of pool or billiards or other board games likes chess or draughts is illegal.

The State also goes on to prohibit betting and bookmarking of any kind, including betting or wagering on elections within the State.

Next is the lottery. Setting up or operating of lotteries or selling of lottery tickets is illegal and conviction invites a fine of $1,000
and a one-year jail term. Save for in the State lottery, an adventurer in a lottery shall attract a fine of $100 for each such offense. The laws, however, do not take the liberty to define the term "adventurer" as used here.

The State Lottery is the South Carolina Education Lottery run by the South Carolina Lottery Commission and was set up back in 2002 with the purpose of enhancing education in the State.

The game of Bingo is considered a lottery and is hence illegal in the State of South Carolina. However, the game can legally be played only if the manner of play is complaint with a host of conditions and procedures
detailed in South Carolina Bingo Tax Act of 1996. So you might want to go take a closer look, as the laws detail each aspect of how the games must be compliantly conducted.

And most importantly, this Bingo should be conducted by a charitable or non-profit organization licensed by the South Carolina Department of Revenue, having presented the department with a letter of exemption from the Internal Revenue Service.

South Carolina On Online gambling, Cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin gambling

The laws make no mention of online gambling or the internet. So whether online gambling is legal or illegal in South Carolina is inconclusive. Several states, however, are starting to revise their laws to include this contentious issue.

Just as with online gambling, the South Carolina Code of Laws make no mention of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or any other non-fiat currencies and so whether gambling involving any of these is illegal or not is also inconclusive.

Gambling Age restrictions In The State

The South Carolina code of laws makes no mention of a legal gambling age. However, the minimum age for participation in the South Carolina Education Lottery - the State Lottery - is 18 years.


In the end, the South Carolina gambling laws are quite strict as compared to similar laws in other states. Like similar laws in other States, the laws are not conclusive and comprehensive enough to cover issues such as online gambling and use of cryptocurrencies. Residents of this State have often sought gambling boats to go gamble in less stringent territory.

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