Gambling Laws in Belarus

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Gambling is authorized and licensed by the government of Belarus under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports; the country legalized gambling after its independence in 1991 with the intention of improving tourism. The state has several gambling firms which comprise of slot machine venues, casinos, betting shops, and etc.


Although the country is a vital gambling center due to its reasonable gambling laws which allow the establishment of land-based casinos; it prohibits online gaming making it difficult and unlawful to access or operate online gaming platforms. Also, it is illegal to use foreign websites to participate in online gambling opportunities.


A presidential decree that aims to increase the number of legal lottery firms in the country was announced in 2007; it permitted the establishment of regional and national level private lottery shops to sell tickets for the state-owned lottery games provider.


Specific Requirements

All gambling establishment must abide by all legal requirements, offer reasonable gaming opportunities and players safety.


Age Restrictions

For an individual to take part in any gambling activity; they must have attained the legal age of eighteen years.


Stance on Online Gambling in Belarus

Gambling on Online casinos is prohibited in Belarus. The state’s gaming laws do not approve online casino platforms; it is also illegal to participate in online gaming opportunities provided by foreign casino platforms. Though foreign-based online gaming websites are not allowed to operate in the country; a few foreign online casinos sites which are licensed in other regions are available to the country’s players. However, playing on these online gambling websites can attract a considerable fine.


The Belarusian government has established a state-owned online gambling platform to take advantage of tax returns generated from legitimate and licensed online gambling.


The lottery is the only online game that is allowed in the country; the Belarusian National Sports Lottery is the sole firm that has a license to provide online lottery games.


Stance on Offline Gambling in Belarus

Offline gambling casinos are allowed by the Belarus gambling laws; the country has over thirty-two legal offline casinos which offer a variety of legitimate betting opportunities to local residents and gambling tourists from countries that have banned gambling.


Also, the country has about three hundred gambling halls situated in different regions; this makes it simple for players to get suitable gambling opportunities. Private lottery shops which are allowed to sell tickets for the state-owned lottery games provider are also available both on the regional and national level.


The casinos in Belarus provide the players with a wide variety of casino games such as table games, Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette.


Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Gambling in Belarus

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency gambling is not controlled by Belarus gambling laws because there are no rules that affect cryptocurrency as a payment method. As a result, Belarus players can participate in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin gambling.


Types of Legal and Illegal Gambling

In Belarus Lottery is legal, the Belarusian National Sports Lottery is the sole firm that is licensed to provide online lottery games. The lottery offers various draws with tickets available both on their online platform and from various betting shops in the country. Other types of legal gambling opportunities provided by the licensed gambling firms in the country are Sports betting where players can bet on various sports events such as football matches, Poker which is a favorite game offered by almost every casino in Belarus, and bingo which is not very popular in the country.


Online gambling is illegal in Belarus, and there are no local online casinos in the country. However, some foreign-based online gambling websites allow Belarusian players to access their gambling opportunities and services.



The country economy has enjoyed great prosperity due to its favorable gambling laws. However, there are no local online gaming sites, and the gambling laws restrict online betting provided by foreign-based sites; this has created problems for players who wish to use these platform since they can be fined or even jailed.

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