Gambling Laws in Delaware


Gambling is generally legal in most states. The most popular types of this activity in the United States include horse racing, card games in casinos, charitable gambling, playing the lottery and tribal casinos as well. The state of Delaware allows quite a number of gambling activities. It was the first state in the country to allow its residents to play online games in virtual casinos. Citizens living in this state can easily play games such as roulette, blackjack, poker and slots from the comfort of their homes or offices. The state also allows its citizens to place wagers on horse races as well as many other games where chance is involved. This state also has an official lottery. Its proceeds are used to build and maintain infrastructure as well as construct schools too. Read on to learn more about gambling in this state.

● Types of legal and illegal gambling 

In the state of Delaware, casino gambling is legal. Placing wagers on horse races is also legal and well facilitated. Playing poker is legal and so is playing the lottery. Organizing and participating in charitable gaming activities is legal. This is actually encouraged for the purpose of community development. Logging into online casinos to play games and place bets is also legal in this state. 

Tribal casinos are not legal in this state. Furthermore, betting on dog races is prohibited and so is betting on fantasy sports. These gambling activities attract stiff penalties according to the law. Social gambling lies in a legal gray area in this state. While not explicitly illegal, citizens are advised to avoid this activity. 

● Stance on online gambling

The Blue Hen state welcomes online gambling. It pioneered the way when they legalized online gambling in 2012. The state passed laws that allowed full-service websites to present casino-style games such as blackjack and roulette to Internet users within its borders. The following year, the 3 main casinos in the state opened up online platforms where the citizens could play free games. The websites began with a no-money system that later evolved into fully-fledged online casinos accepting and paying out real cash. According to federal law, the free games were available to everyone across the globe but the real-cash betting sites were purely for Delaware residents.

● Stance on offline gambling

This state has a liberal stance on offline gambling. It allows activities such as betting on horse races. Off-track betting on races held out of state is also allowed. The citizens living here can also engage in some charitable gambling, the state lottery and card games in the physical casinos. Furthermore, the state allows sports betting. Hence, offline gambling is fairly acceptable. 

● Stance on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin gambling

Seeing as Delaware allows and accepts online gambling, the state also welcomes Bitcoin gambling. Citizens are free to participate in virtual casinos that accept digital currencies. They are also free to receive payouts in this form as well.

● Age restrictions, regulatory authority and important law(s)

Citizens have to be over the age of 21 to participate in any casino gaming activities. Moreover, the gambling laws in this state are executed by the Division of Gambling Enforcement (DGE). Statutes 1401, 1403 and 1404 of the state law indicate the rules and regulations of gambling. 


The state of Delaware accepts most forms of gambling and prohibits some of them. It has a lenient approach to gambling. As a matter of fact, it is one of the 3 states that allows and regulates online gambling. Hence, it is able to compete favorably with big gambling states such as Maryland.

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