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Montenegro, a tiny country in Eastern Europe, has only had a gambling industry from 2006, the year the country gained independence from Serbia. Before that, gambling was non-existent although it had previously existed as a government money-making scheme during the Soviet era. Yet despite its short history, the gaming industry now thrives and even helps to attract the 2 million tourists who flock here every year.


Who Regulates Gambling in Montenegro?

The 2006 Games of Chance law is the primary instrument overseeing the gambling sector, and it’s enforced by the Finance Ministry through its Administration for Games of Chance. This agency licenses, taxes, and audits all gambling facilities and activities in the country. And when it makes new guidelines, it posts them on its website.


What type of Gambling is Legal in Montenegro?

Gambling is legal in this small nation, but Montenegrin legislation only recognizes the following three gambling facilities: casinos, betting clubs, and betting shops. As for offline gambling activities, the law only permits casino games, table games, slot machines, betting, and bingo. And although the law was amended in 2011 to include online gambling, it still remains silent on lotteries although a state-run lottery company operates.


What Type of Gambling is Illegal in Montenegro?

Operating a gambling facility without a license from the Administration for Games of Chance is illegal in Montenegro. And before 2011, online gambling was also illegal, but it isn’t anymore.


Can You Gamble Online in Montenegro?

Online gambling has been legal here since 2011 when the government issued international licenses to online casinos so that they could operate both locally and abroad. In response, many foreign online casinos moved here, but their influx made payment processing companies hesitant to authorize online betting payments in Montenegro. So, yes, you can gamble online, even though you'll make and receive payments with difficulty.


Can You Gamble Offline in Montenegro?

Since the nation’s independence in 2006, Montenegrins have been free to gamble offline. But being a small nation, Montenegro has only three brick-and-mortar casinos - one in the capital and the other two in the coastal resort of Budva. However, each casino has a five-star resort packed with deluxe rooms, gaming machines, and gaming tables.


Besides casino games, you can also participate in the lottery, which is offered only by the Montenegrin Lottery. Or, you can place a wager in one of the many betting clubs or shops. However, the nation has no bingo halls or poker clubs, so to play either game, visit a casino.


Are Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Accepted in Montenegro’s Casinos?

The three main casinos are yet to accept cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and no one knows for sure when they will. But you can still play in offshore online Bitcoin casinos.


How Old Should You Be to Gamble in Montenegro?

You must be 18-years to gamble in or to gain admittance into a casino, betting club, or betting shop.


Are There Any Specific Requirements Before You Gamble in Montenegro?

Although the country uses the Euro, it’s still waiting to become an EU member state and, therefore, doesn’t issue the currency. So, foreign nationals wishing to gamble in Euros must first obtain the currency from the European Central Bank or the Bank of England.



Compared to other small Balkan states, Montenegro has done a lot to grow its vibrant booming tourism and gambling sector. But it needs to do more about the trouble online gamblers have when accessing payment processing services.

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