Gambling Laws in New Mexico

Residents in New Mexico have an option of brick & mortar casinos, both commercial and tribal, & can enjoy slots and betting at the State’s many horseracing tracks. There aren't any specific laws that target online gambling. It feels like the state has left online gambling laws to the Feds.

Types of Legal and Illegal Gambling in New Mexico.

Within the state of New Mexico, below are some of the perfectly legal gambling games residents can engage in.

1). Casino Gambling.

New Mexico licenses casino gambling. There are nine tribal casinos that offer a range of slots and table games in New Mexico. In addition, one can also play slots games in the multiple racetracks.

2). Live Poker.

Residents can play live poker at the Tribal casinos & at State-licensed casinos too. Social-poker games aren't carved-out under the state law. The legislations are silent on this matter.

3). Sports Betting.

Only Pari Mutuel betting on Racetracks is permitted. Horseracing is very popular in the state with a long history.

4). Lottery Betting.

New Mexico runs a popular lottery that includes inter State games together with those of residents only.

5). Bingo Games.

There is a carve out for legal raffle and bingo-type games mostly for charities. Apart from that, Tribes can run high-stakes bingo games.


On the other part, some of the illegal gambling games one can engage in include.

1). Online Casinos.

There aren't any specific laws that make online gambling illegal within New Mexico. Instead, the official control board website sites the Federal-UIGEA as making online betting illegal.

2). Online Poker:

New Mexico law sites the UIGEA at the Federal level as outlawing online betting. In spite of that New Mexico had no specific laws banning it. There are no signs of any future changes in the online gambling regulations within New Mexico.

Stance on Online Gambling in New Mexico.

The state offers its citizens live, licensed commercial and Indian casinos, pari mutuel betting facilities, & a state lottery. New Mexico hasn't enacted any laws that permit online gambling & doesn't directly state online gambling as illegal in it laws.

Stance on Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Gambling in New Mexico.

Being an emerging trend, the legislations in New Mexico have no provisions for cryptocurrencies and bitcoin gambling. But with a general knowledge of the legal status in New Mexico, whatever is legal in gambling remains to be legal no matter the the form of currency used in the transactions, unless legislated otherwise.


Gambling Age Limit in New Mexico.

The state has implanted various age requirements in the many forms of gambling, & one won't be able to wager without meeting the legal age. You may be 18-years for selected types of gambling activities like betting on horseracing. The fun stuff does not begin till you're 21.



The New Mexico residents can enjoy a great number of poker rooms, race tracks, and casinos, in addition to the popular state lottery. In an unusual move, the state quotes federal legislation that covers banking transactions in outlawing online gambling while the state itself has no provisions for such. In the state, prosecutions on gambling are very few & far between, indicating the soft stance towards gambling within the state.

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