How to bypass restrictions of online casinos in regulated countries

How to bypass restrictions of online casinos in regulated countries image

Online casinos are banned in some countries – yes that’s the reality – and it’s because of several reasons. Some banned gambling online due to religion – Islamic nations prohibited it – some for other reasons. So, what do you do if you find yourself in a country where there are blocked access to an online casino?


And come to think of it you’re here – on this page – because you’re either in a location that restricts online casino or you’re planning to travel to such a place and now, you are researching on how to bypass these restrictions.


So, if that’s you, this post is for you!


What you should know about countries with legislation against online casinos.

Just as was mentioned earlier several Islamic countries ban gambling outright including both land casinos and its online versions, while countries such as the United States, Australia, China, etc. ban online gaming and allow land casinos.


The reasons given by some of this government include preventing money laundering and related offenses.


But, for the sake of this article, we are interested in how to skim around these restrictions.


So how do geo-restrictions work?

There are different methods utilized in blocking access to online gambling sites. The most prevalent one is the use of IP blocking – every device connected to the internet has a unique number that helps servers recognize and identify where the request is originating. When you try to open a website, the browser sends your IP address in addition to the data to the server. So, it becomes easier to block requests from a particular location.


Steps to bypass online casino restrictions

For IP address related geo-blocking, here are some of the methods you can use, and fortunately, most of them are quite available to everyone, and for a small fee, you can access your favorite online casino site with ease.

VPS – Virtual Private Server

Though, they don’t come cheap – but this offers one of the best secure modes of bypassing geo-restrictions. It means that you own a personal server. You’re connected to any third-party servers, and you have control of your data 100 percent.


When purchasing your VPS, it is important to remember not to buy servers located in countries that prohibit online gaming.


Use of Proxies

Proxies are cheaper than VPS and VPN which we’ll be talking about later. What this tech does it to hide your actual IP address, hence the server you intend retrieving information from communicates directly to the proxy server instead of your device.


However, bear in mind that your data could easily be intercepted since it does not offer any encryption.


Use of VPN – Virtual Private Network

VPNs are the most widely used method for overcoming geo-blocking. Most VPN providers have several servers spread across the globe, and with this network, they’re able to ‘trick’ geo-blocking programs into thinking they’re accessing online casinos from different regions.


TOR – The Onion Router

TOR is an open source program that uses encryption to ensure anonymity and bypasses any restrictions. The TOR software functions as a browser which hides your IP address every time you send data on the internet.


Finally, these solutions listed above are proven methods to remove the blocked access to an online casino, hence giving you the access you need to enjoy online gambling no matter your location.

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    Guest 3 months ago

    But a further block occurs (after VPN access) because the gaming provider rejects your play due to country of residence and bank account!

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    Guest 8 months ago

    How would you withdraw you're winnings.. alnost every casino makes you verify ur idenity..

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