Is Bitcoin casino reliable and what is provably fair gaming?

Is Bitcoin casino reliable and what is provably fair gaming? image

The anonymity that bitcoin offers may lead to fraud - this is the general perception relating to this field. In online casinos, this can be a huge problem. Regulating the system is difficult, because of the inherent nature of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, some countries do not permit gambling, so the question of using bitcoins for online casinos is illegal. Given such a situation it is natural to question whether casinos offering bitcoin-based gambling opportunities are indeed reliable. 


To make such gambling reliable in conventional online casinos a “technical systems test” is carried out. What it means is that the “random number generator” of the casino is tested to confirm that the randomness is 100 percent. 


When it comes to bitcoin casinos, a provably fair method is used. This method empowers the user to check the reliability of the bitcoin casino site’s “random number generator”. 


Technically, the process allows the user to create a value for a transaction or message. The program prevents the system from creating another message with that hash message. It is not possible to modify the message without the user modifying the hash, and it is not possible to generate two messages with the same hash.


In simple words, the user or gambler makes the computer mention the answer and compute its “hash value”. Now the user can check the hash process used by the operator’s system without mentioning the hash value derived by him or her. If the two match, it obviously means that the system did not manipulate. This ensures that the bitcoin casino operator uses a system that cannot cheat.

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