Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?

Is Bitcoin the currency of the future?

The most important feature of a currency is that it be a stable store of value.

Blockchain technology gives bitcoin two important chaaracteristics: It can be exchanged without a trusted intermediary and it allows anonymous transactions.

Therefore no one can manage the bitcoin price. It depends on the market supply and demand. The value of bitcoin is so easy to lose to be considered a real currency.

Due to the great traffic in bitcoin blockchain, it became more difficult to purchase a simple transaction in short time like it was since more than year. This affects the fees per byte for each transaction that rewards per block has been decreased for miners.

Collectors of transactions so bitcoin can't be a currency for ordinary users but can be a store of value.

Bitcoin can't replace the traditional fiat money or even gold in its actual position.

Easy to compare between the capitalisation of circulating currencies beside bitcoin.

The whole crypto system is still under developpement and need more treatement to declare it as a currency of the future.

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