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Whether you are knowledgeable about bitcoin & making cryptocurrency transactions, or a newbie on the matter, you probably need to know where & how you can utilize bitcoin as payment for services and goods. Apart from serving long term financial objectives such as saving and investing, any form of currency is obsolete if we can not exchange it for anything we need in the near future.

Do you know that many mainstream companies are accepting bitcoin payments, either as an addition to the existing different payment methods or as an exclusive mode of payment? Whether they are profit or non profit generating, such institutions see Bitcoin as a legal tender. If you are still wondering where to begin, look no further, below are some companies and merchants that accept bitcoin payment for services and goods.

Merchants And Services Accepting Bitcoin.

Touching on every sector, from transport and hospitality, technology, to the television and internet industry, below are some of the major companies that have begun accepting bitcoin as a form of payment.


1). Microsoft.

Today you can easily use Bitcoin to add funds to Microsoft accounts. The funds, however, are only used to buy movies, apps, and games in the Xbox and Windows stores. The funds can not be used to buy products from Microsoft online store. Microsoft has the Bitcoin payment process really well streamlined for convince. If you are an avid movie fan or gamer, it is a pretty reliable service.Note: Bitcoin funds added to an account are non refundable.


2). Gyft.

For people holding cryptocurrency, Gift-cards are an awesome option; one can use the cards to buy goods at over 100 retailers. Gyft gives cards from selected retailers such as Sephora, Target, Pharmacy,, Whole Foods, Southwest Airlines, and many more. One can purchase such cards using a Coinbase wallet.

How to pay.

-Choose the desired gift card.

-Click Bitcoin as the preferred payment method.

-Confirm payment using your Bitcoin Wallet.


3). CheapAir.

Do you want to fly somewhere? Book a ticket with CheapAir using Bitcoin. After choosing a flight, you are offered a payment options, which includes BTC. You can book both international and domestic flights with CheapAir. The company has accepted flight bookings using Bitcoin since 2013 & is among the only ones in the industry of air travel that accepts the currency as payment.The payments are finalized from your coinbase wallet.


4). Reeds Jewellers.

Reeds Jewellers is an elite American fine jeweler that has brick and mortar locations in over 13 states in addition to a great online presence. All their shop accept bitcoin payments. The purchases include watches, fine jewelry, and diamonds. For purchases above US$25,000, free delivery using an armored truck is available.


5). PizzaForCoins.

Get your pizza delivered and use bitcoin as a payment at PizzaForCoins. When PizzaForCoins verifies that there is a pizza stall near you like Dominos, they will go ahead and finalize the transaction. A small fee is charged for the service which is added to your final payment.


6). Roadway Movers.

In 2017 Roadway movers became the 1st hauling company to recognize Bitcoin as payment from customers. Mentioning lack of sales-tax as an advantage for the payment method.Note: Cold wallet payments aren't accepted.


7). Shopify.

If you aren't familiar to Shopify, the company is an e-commerce platform which allows retailers to easily set up shop and sell their products easily as you would find in Amazon or e-bay. It has a total retailer base of more than 75000 using their platform. As of November 2013, the company offered its retailers an option to take bitcoin payments in collaboration with Bitpay.


8). Newegg.

Electronic retail giant-Newegg accepts bitcoin as payment. The company picked Bitpay as their preferred payment processing partner with the digital currency. However, at checkout, the bitcoin payment option may be unavailable when purchasing items from third party seller who aren't Newegg.

Note: Newegg doesn't accept bitcoin payment for these purchases:

  • Subscription orders.
  • Will Call orders.
  • Newegg Gift Cards.
  • Pre-orders.
  • Marketplace items.
  • Return shipping labels.
  • Premier memberships.


9). Dish Network.

Internet service provider(ISP) and satellite television provider, Dish Network started accepting bitcoin payments on August 2014. It is among the largest companies to adopt cryptocurrency payments & also the 1st subscription based television provider to accomplish this. Its bitcoin payment system is available for customers who choose to make one time payments at


10). Intuit.

Small enterprises can accept bitcoin payments using Intuit as a payment processor, which gives PayByCoin services as part of a QuickBooks electronic invoice service. In order to accept the bitcoin payments, the small enterprises must first activate PayByCoin at the QuickBooks Labs & then link a given Bitcoin payment processor in their QuickBooks accounts.


11). was among the 1st large-scale online-retailer to accept bitcoin from January 2014. The retailer accepts purchase of anything from refrigerators and laptops to television services with bitcoins. As a matter of fact, the retailer allows customers to purchase using most major cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, and Dash. To use this mode of payment at, while checking out, you can simply select it as the preferred currency. The system will automatically convert the currency to bitcoins & finalize your purchase.


12). airBaltic.

The Latvian based company started accepting bitcoin from 2014. With the airline, you can get to various major cities in the Middle East and Europe



The website is used to educate its readers on most global issues pertaining to rumours of war and actual wars. It's funded by Randolph-Bourne Institute & claims a bi-partisan readership.


14). Badoo.

The “social-discovery network” offers its services to a worldwide community of over 377-million people with 350-million messages sent daily. They started accepting bitcoin payments asa way of keeping up with current technological advanced. The main goal being to stay ahead in the curve.



Founded to offer support for Bitcoin, they accept bitcoin and over 30 different types of online-currency to help fund the “disruptive technology” works that have changed the world.



All the above websites are accepting Bitcoin as payment for their services and goods. In addition to that, more & more brick and mortar websites are taking bitcoin payments too. Travel into Denver & you can even offset your parking fee with Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies are not just for unsavory criminals anymore.

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    Kamjin (15) 8 months ago

    If I were a merchant i'd always convert BTC to USD to avoid the currency risk and exposure but amybe some of them are hodling

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