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The Novomatic gaming software provider was founded in 1980 and is now one of the renowned and oldest providers in the gaming industry. Operating in over 72 countries, Novomatic is known for its top-notch Slot games such as the prominent classic and deluxe Slot games. With its amazing game features, high payout, exciting rewards, and bonus rounds, Novomatic has been featured in a lot of leading online casinos.


Though Novomatic games are one of the leading and popular company in Europe and UK countries, Novomatic games are restricted in the US because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.


Novomatic Products

Novomatic has produced different Products, Platforms and Gaming Solutions that are widely used in different gambling sites all across the globe.


  1. Cabinets: Novomatics has been the distributor of Slot Machines and Electronic Table Machines to some casinos worldwide.

  2. Games: They are known for the Slot Games with vast concepts and designs, as well as Game Mixes and Electronic Table Games that is based on the Novoline Gaming Platform. They also have a Linked Jackpot  games such as the Enchanted Fortunes Linked Jackpot™ and the Mystery Progressive jackpot concepts

  3. Novomatic does not only prides itself into creating fun and exciting games but also offers the players with the best gaming experience through the different Gaming Platforms they have built. The Novoline, Coolfire, Impera-Line™ HD platform and Octa-Games comprises the line of Novomatic Gaming Platforms

  4. Novomatic also offers Gambling sites some Accessories and Signs that complements their multitude portfolio of games. They also venture into providing Casino sites with Casino Management Systems, Lottery Solutions, Sports Betting Solutions and etc.


Interesting Facts

  1. Novomatic is known to be one of the largest gaming providers in the world. In 2017, it had a turnover of more or less 2.5 Billion Euros.

  2. It has subsidiaries in 50 different countries and has 300,000 employees globally

  3. Offers games and other products to 2,100 gaming locations and 270,000 gaming terminals worldwide.

  4. Novomatic is the number one gaming provider in the Europe gaming industry.


The difference to Other Game Providers

Instant Play

Novomatic is one of the platforms that doesn’t require a download to play. With their Instant Play mode, you can play immediately without downloading anything. Just simply open your browser and go to Novomatic website and enjoy playing all the online casino games that you want. One of the most popular game is the Slots because of its top-notch graphics and sounds.


Game Compatibility

Aside from it’s Instant Play, Novomatic software is also popular because it is compatible with both Windows or Mac computer. And if you just want to play instantly anywhere, it is compatible with your mobile device too. It is available to play in both Android and iOS devices. Though it is compatible with all device, it doesn’t affect the high definition graphics and sound that the company offers. You can enjoy your favorite online casino games in the same high-quality features.

Novomatic Games

Their land-based casinos are a success and fortunately, they’ve been doing well in the Online Market. And yes, they offer both land-based and online casino games and it’s satisfying because you can play your favorite land-based casino game into the online platform as well. So, if you don’t have time to go to your favorite land-based casino, you can still play it online whenever you want.


Security and Fair Gaming

Fully licensed by eCOGRA, the Novomatic games offers a high level of safety and security. eCOGRA is doing regular reviews to maintain the games security and safety. It brings player and clients peace of mind because it proves that they are dealing with an authentic company. When it comes to the fairness of the games, the player doesn’t need to worry.  Novamatic also uses a Random Number Generator to guarantee the randomness and fairness of the game.


Graphics and Features

Whether in the browser or mobile version, once you open the game, the first thing you will notice is the remarkable and very detailed graphics. And with its lively sound effects, it makes the game more fun and exciting. It’s like teleporting you the gaming world and it’s one of the reasons why players are being hooked up with the games.


Rewards and Bonuses

The Novomatic slots offer a gambling feature in which you’re able to multiply your winnings several times which increases the player’s payout as well. They also offer different rewards and bonuses in each game. One of the most common bonuses is the generous free spins they offer.


Deposit and Payouts

They accept different deposit and payout methods. As much as possible, they want it in the most uncomplicated but secured method allowing players to easily deposit money to play or withdraw their money from their winnings.


Customer Support

Novamatic Customer Support is one of the company’s best assets. They offer 24/7 Technical Support and you can even find detailed information on their website Support page. You can also find customer support in different languages that allow you to explain your concern deeper in the language you are comfortable with and understand the solution better. Since not all of their players are English speakers, this feature is great and allows them to acknowledge the concerns better. No need to worry for your personal information as they have cutting edge encryption.


Research and Development

Novomatic research and development is a high priority since it is one of the strengths of the company. Since the company is one of the pioneers in innovative gaming development and system solution they are continuously creating and improving different casino games. What makes it different to other casino gaming providers is Novomatic understand that there are different generations with different needs that’s why they are trying their best to release new games with new features larger jackpots and more exciting.



Novomatic is indeed one of the oldest and most successful casino gaming providers. The games are both widely available online and land-based with free play and gambling versions. In the free play version, you don’t have to bet and you can just play the game all you want, just for fun. If you want to win real cash, you might want to play the gambling version in which you can bet real money and win real money as well.


The amazing graphics, sound effects, Instant play, Security and compatibility of the game have made Novomatic popular to players. With these features, you can enjoy playing anytime and anywhere which makes it more fun and entertaining whether you want to win real cash or simply just have fun Novomatic based casinos are the perfect game to play.


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