Regulation and Gambling Laws in Georgia (U.S.)

Regulation and Gambling Laws in Georgia (U.S.) image

Georgia (US state) is considered one of the least friendly states when it comes to gambling. In this state, gambling has been banned for more than a century and anyone caught participating in it is liable for committing a felony. When convicted, the person could be required to pay hefty fines. Unlike other states which allow their residents to gamble, Georgia (US state) limits the types of gambling to lotteries, bingo games, and poker. As such, it earns almost no revenue from gambling activities. So, this isn’t the place for staunch players to travel to, hoping to participate in their favorite games.

Types of Legal and Illegal Gambling

Due to the lack of laws that support gambling activities in Georgia (US state), a majority of the games people play elsewhere are banned. It’s all due to the actions of the State Legislature that gamblers in this state aren’t allowed to play their favorite games. Here are important stats about the situation of gambling regulations in the state of Georgia:


  1. Gambling: The state of Georgia (US state) defines it as the act of placing a bet on the results of any contest or games played with balls, dice or cards with the aim of winning money or other valuables.
  2. Gambling age restrictions: 21
  3. State regulatory authority: The Bingo Division of Georgia Bureau of Investigations
  4. State lottery: Like other states, Georgia (US state) has a lottery. The Georgia Lottery Corporation was enacted in 1992 when voters passed the Education Act.
  5. Raffles and bingo: Despite illegalizing most of the other types of gambling, lotteries and bingo are permitted under the state laws and regulations. After all, bingo games are viewed as nothing more than recreational.
  6. Casinos: The state does not allow people to maintain gambling equipment or places. Only casino ships can be allowed to offer games to their players, as long as they are 3 miles from the coast.
  7. Sports Betting: Not allowed
  8. Stance on online gambling: There’s no specific law that bans online gambling in Georgia (US state). In fact, players can participate in online casinos but with the risk of losing their money owing to the federal laws that restrict payment of proceeds from gambling.
  9. Stance on offline gambling: All forms of offline gambling are banned in Georgia (US state), except the State Lottery.
  10. Stance on Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin gambling: In Georgia (US state), the law is silent on the use of cryptocurrencies. However, since cryptocurrencies are used in online gambling, it is safe to assume that they Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are prohibited.
  11. Forbidden types of gambling: Pyramid schemes, chain letters, dog fighting, commercial gambling, election wagering, dog racing, and horse racing


Compared to other states, Georgia (US state) has one of the most unfriendly laws and regulations governing gambling. Very little goes on here except for lotteries, bing, and raffles. Apart from casino games, it is not possible to participate in sports betting, online poker, live poker, as well as online casino games. Of course, attempts have been made to legalize gambling but every time, it has hit a snag. Even though players can gamble online, they are prohibited from receiving the proceeds. As to whether gambling shall be legalized in Georgia, that’s something to wait for.

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