Reload Bonuses - Basic Principles, Pros and Cons, Common Terms and Conditions

Reload Bonuses - Basic Principles, Pros and Cons, Common Terms and Conditions image

Very similar to casino welcome bonuses, Reload Bonus is a special reward from an online casino when you make a deposit. Most casinos offer Reload Bonus to attract the players and keep them engaged. It is also one of their ways to give their loyal players a reward fo keep playing in their site.


The Reload Bonus on casinos may vary. It depends on how each casino will give Reload Bonus. This kind of bonus which is also given along with the welcome bonus can be availed once the first deposit is done. Some online casinos offer cashback as their bonus. Some casinos usually offer this on a certain day of the week – for example, on some Wednesdays or Fridays. It means on that day, every deposit you’ll make will come with a certain bonus. The goal of this bonus is to attract new players and keep loyal players interested and satisfied. Depending on the online casino, this bonus can be offered twice a week, weekly, monthly or even on holidays.


Types of Reload Bonus

Common Reload Bonus

It is the bonus you can get when depositing a minimum required amount to qualify for the reload bonus. For some casinos, each deposit has a matching percentage for the reload bonus but it still depends on your casino as the requirements and qualifications differ from casino to casino. For example, you deposit $200, you’ll get a 25% as the reload bonus of your deposited amount.  Most casinos increase the matching percentage of your reload bonus for each deposit. For example in your 1st deposit, you will 15% reload bonus, for the 2nd deposit you’ll 20% reload bonus and increases as you keep depositing.


Special Reload Bonus

This kind of bonus is usually higher. It is mostly offered during special occasions and holidays. This includes your birthday, Christmas, New Year and other special holidays. Some online casinos also offer special bonuses on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Some casino even has a weekly or monthly Reload bonus.


Basic Principles

There are lots of variety and different offers for Reload Bonus. In reload bonus, you get a certain percentage from the deposits you make. This means that the bonuses you will get will depend on how much deposit you make. To make it more interesting and attractive, some casinos offer some free spins together with the reload bonus. Though you can only find a few who are doing this, there are online casinos that still offers this. A good Reload Bonus can keep you on the budget as it will make your gambling expense lesser.


Reload Bonus Details

Always check the details on how you can claim your reload bonuses. Some reload bonuses come with codes and some are automatically entered in your account. Usually, if they come with free spins, you can use the free spins the next day.  


Most casino bonuses – not only the reload bonus, have certain qualifications in order to get it. One of the most important details to know is the requirements on how to get the Free Spin or the Reload bonus. If you want to qualify for the bonus, there will be a minimum deposit amount and maximum cashout amount. If you want to claim it later, you must know the expiration date. Also, some payment methods are not qualified for the reload bonus.


Each Reload bonus comes with different terms and conditions. Our best advice is to take time and read the terms and conditions before accepting the offers.



  • If you’re an existing player of a certain online casino, you will certainly receive this offer. If you are a new player, you can also receive this bonus offer together with the welcome bonus.

  • With Reload Bonus, you can save money and play longer. Instead of spending some more money to play longer, you will save some instead because the Reload bonus will allow you to play longer without spending more.

  • The reload bonus increases the player’s funds and allows him to make larger bets and consequently, the player’s winning odds increase as well.

  • If you have a VIP membership or into the casino the loyalty program, Reload Bonus is one of the incentives you can get.



  • The reload bonus comes with a wagering qualification. So, always read the terms and conditions of the wagering requirement so you’ll know if the bonus is worth it or not.

  • The higher the reload bonus is, the higher the wagering requirements are, as well.

  • You cannot withdraw the reload bonus immediately, but you can use them to play longer.

  • Most online casinos have cash out limits. Although you’re done for the wagering requirement, if you win a high amount there is cashout limit for a certain type of reload bonus so always be aware of the terms.

Common Terms and Conditions

Each reload bonus type has certain terms and conditions. You have to carefully read all the terms and conditions stated on the casino so you will have a better grasp of how it works. Here are some of the most very important information to you may need.

  • Always check the percentage of the reload bonus. Often times, the higher the bonus is, the higher the wagering requirement.

  • Most reload bonuses come with the code to in order to claim it. Once you are qualified for the reload bonus, they will give you a code and you need to activate it manually.

  • Always check the validity of the reload bonus. Most reload bonuses are only valid for a few days and they have expiration dates as well.

  • The reload bonus may be different for each game and online casino you’re playing with. Always check what is the reload bonus they offer for the game that you desire to play.



Always remember that the reload bonus is different from the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is only a one-time bonus and you can claim it after you sign up while the reload bonus is the bonus you can get after you deposit the minimum amount that is qualified to get the reload bonus.


Reload Bonus can help you decrease your gambling cost because you can use it to play longer than the usual. It is different for every casino so choose the one that offers more benefits and can be used to play with the games you enjoy the most. Happy Gambling!


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