Scratchcards - Basic Rules, Versions, Tips and Tricks

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One of the simplest games to gamble with is the Scratchcard. Scratchcards can be played anywhere and anytime. You don’t even have to go to the casino to play it as you have the option to buy a physical scratchcard. It is mostly available in any lottery ticket dealers, kiosks, street vendors and it’s just hard to resist not to buy one. By simply scratching the field with a coin or your nails for physical scratch cards or by just one mouse click on online scratchcards and you’ll immediately find out if you’re lucky. With its affordable price and big winnings, it’s so hard to resist temptation.


Basic Rules

The Scratchcard is one of the most basic and uncomplicated games. The rules of the game differ based on what version you play.

For Traditional or the Paper Scratchcards, all you need to do is to simply buy a card, scratch the opaque field to unveil the numbers, symbols and etc on it and you’ll win the prize indicated on it. Simple and easy!

Payouts can be received by presenting the winning scratchcard to where you bought it or to their lottery outlet. Depending on your winnings, you may receive it instantly through cash on hand or through the bank.

If you are looking to play for a fun and easy online game on online gambling sites, the scratchcard is the best one to play with. There are different types of Online Scratchcards and each has different rules and offers a different amount of winnings as well.

It is perfect with people who want to play a less stressful game and only wants to have fun as most people are just trying their luck. For some, it became their hobby and some are taking the risks and hoping to win.



There are 2 versions of Scratchcards and each has its own game rules, not quite distinct from each other.

Paper scratchcard (Traditional Scratchcard): This is the original version of the scratch card. It can be bought in most local stores and lottery dealers. It is a small card that is made of a fine paper where you can find an opaque covering that needs to be scratched.

Online scratchcards: This version of scratchcard started way back in 2010 and is commonly called the virtual scratchcard as it can be virtually bought or played wherever there is an internet connection available.


Tips and Tricks

Paper or online scratchcards are very fun and both are very easy to play. However, it can be addicting as most of them will have you to “almost” win. This is their strategy for you to buy and try again until you will not know that because of trying and hoping to win, you are already spending a lot of money. Here are some of the most important tips you should know when playing scratchcards.

  1. Manage your budget: Before playing, it is important to decide how much you’ll spend on the scratchcards and follow that budget. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
  2. When it’s not fun anymore, stop playing: The game is supposed to give fun but some players are getting frustrated for not being able to win at least once. Players feel that the more they play the more chance they have winning a big prize.
  3. Intelligent Buying: Some go for much cheaper but with the low price and some go for a higher price with better payoff.  Some scratchcards are cheap and most of the time the odds of winning are low. Some scratchcards are expensive but the chance of winning can be very high.
  4. Check the card and Small Print: Always check your cards carefully. If it has a scratch even a little one, have it changed as it might be used. Your odds of winning maybe affected by that small print.
  5. Buy in Bulk: If you are into winning, we recommend that you buy in bulk. If you bulk buy then you increase your chances of winning because the odds on hitting a win increase if you buy a number of scratch cards in a row and the chance of hitting one of those planted winning scratch cards is going to be higher.
  6. Play where you’re comfortable with: Scratchcards have different types you can choose from and you’ll have your favorite one for sure. Play on a scratchcard that you’re totally comfortable with. A little chit-chat with some players for the survey will be good as well.
  7. Keep Old Tickets: It sounds silly but keeping the old ticket can make you win instantly if given the luck. In some cases, jackpots are never won and so the manufacturer requests losing tickets to pick the best loser. It’s crazy but it can happen!
  8. Double Check your Tickets: If you’re confused or not sure if you won or not, simply show your scratchcards to the vendor and they can validate if you’ve won or not.
  9. Study the Scratch Cards: Though you cannot apply any technique in playing the scratchcard, you can study the cards. Singleton Method is the process of analyzing the layout and design of the scratchcard to get patterns, clues or something that can help you win.



Whether it be a physical or virtual card, Scratchcard is indeed simple, not so complicated game that you can play anytime and anywhere. With a lot of scratchcard types available online and on physical lottery outlets, you can always try everything but once you’ve found where you’re comfortable with, pick a game and stick to it. The best suggestion we can give is to go for the scratchcards with fewer players, or with the higher prize and don’t forget to enjoy the game!

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