Video Poker - Basic Rules, Versions, Tips and Tricks

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Video Poker is one of the most popular games not only online but in almost all casinos worldwide. Unlike other casino games where luck is more important, playing Video Poker requires the skills for you to win. Video poker is similar to a slot machine - a five-card draw poker played on electronic equipment. Though it might be easy to understand the gameplay, planning, and strategy are important to be able to take full advantage of the game, especially for the high wins.



Basic Rules

The Pay Table

The base of the machine’s pay table is the Poker hand ranking and after each game, the completed poker hand combination will be marked by the video poker machine. You will be paid an amount based on the combination during the gameplay. You must be familiar with hand ranking if you want to win unfailingly in Video Poker.


Choose the suitable Video Poker game and Bankroll for you

There are lots of Video Poker games especially online, which you can conveniently play anytime and anywhere. It can be confusing and exciting at the same time, but remember to choose the right fit. Choosing the best Video Poker is one of the most important things to do as it can make or break you. Choosing some random Video Poker game can decrease your chances of winning as it might not have a high payout. The first thing to do before playing is to always check the pay table, and if possible, observe the payout given as it can be calculated based on the pay table.


Other than choosing the right Video Poker game, it is also important to pay attention to the account variance as well. Variance is important in the game as it is used to choose what size of a bankroll to choose to be able to reach your targets. The higher the variance the longer you hit a paying combination though these less frequent wins are usually bigger. The lower variance pays more often, however, bigger wins are less frequent.


Make your first video poker bet

In making bet, you can choose to increase or not. But of course, the more your bet is, the higher the payout. In making a bet, just simply insert some money into the machine and based on the amount you inserted and the Video Poker credit value, the machine will show a number of corresponding credits.


Often, players make mistake by immediately betting Max or playing with maximum credits per game. Remember, you do not always win and some rarely win. Reckless choices and unplanned action will decrease chances of winning and instead of winning you’ll end up losing in the game, and your money as well.


Pick the proper cards to hold

Video Poker must be played with caution and awareness. If you do not choose proper cards according to the most favorable Video Poker master plan, the expected value of each hand rapidly decreases.


To gamble or not to gamble your winnings

Most of the time, the gamble feature lets you gamble with your winnings, and usually double them when you are successful. You pick one card from 5, and if it’s higher than the card picked by the machine, doubling your winnings. There are usually limits on how many times you can double up. There are some games that let you fourfold your winnings by guessing the suit of the card.



Currently, there are lots of Video Poker games with different versions available online and in casinos, you can choose from. You can try hundreds if you like, especially online as it is very convenient. The number of video poker games are increasing continuously since it was first introduced. It actually started with a combination of a television monitor with a central processing unit but due to lack of people’s trust, it didn’t get known to many. Electronic gambling is questionable back then as most people are not yet exposed to such technology.


Video poker machines had a huge growth in popularity because of the following factors: Convenient with a variety of betting options, availability, higher payout and lower variance, and screen and draw feature.

Most popular and highest paying video poker games worldwide and online:

  • Jacks or Better pays 99.54% for its full version RTP (Return-to-Player) and with low variance

  • Deuces Wild has the highest paying RTP of 100.76% with its full pay version and just a bit higher variance

  • Pick’em Poker which has 99.95% online RTP and with the lowest variance. It also has the easiest strategy to learn

  • Double Bonus Poker has 100.17% RTP with its full pay version

  • Double Double Bonus Poker has 100.07% RTP and offers with a higher payout for the game four aces and with a high variance


Tips and Tricks

  • Know the game you want to play. Know the ins and outs, the rules, how to play and etc.

  • Check the pay tables.

  • If you can, analyze the gameplay very well so you can carry out strategies later on.

  • Bet maximum coins or as many as possible to win bigger.

  • Do some planning and strategy so you can have a bigger chance of winning.

  • If possible, practice before you play. There are some video poker apps that are free, might be the perfect place to practice.


Though Video Poker looks easy to play, it is actually a pretty complex game. It’s not pure luck, and if you’re not using the appropriate strategy, you can grimly hurt your chances of winning, especially in long-term.

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