What are the world's most valuable currencies?

What are the world's most valuable currencies? image

Every country has its currency but, no two currencies have the same value. This is why this article discusses some of the most valuable ones. For the purpose of comparison, the value of each currency has been given in US dollars since it is the international currency.

1.Kuwaiti Dinar

The #1 currency in terms of value is the Kuwaiti Dinar. Kuwait is a relatively small country but very wealthy. The strength of their economy lies in crude oil exportation. The currency code of Kwaiti Dinar is KWD.
 1 KWD = $3.29.

2.Bahraini Dinar

This currency is the next most valuable one after KWD. It seems the Dinars are simply out of the world. The country's population is just a little over 1 million. Its economy is based on the exportation of black gold. The currency code of Bahraini Dinar is BHD.
1 BHD = $2.65.

3.Oman Rial

This is the third most valuable currency and it has the code – OMR.
1 OMR = $2.60.

4.Jordan Dinar

This is the third Dinar in this list. That speaks volumes about Dinars. Jordan is not so developed and it does not export crude oil so how its currency made this list is quite difficult to understand. Nevertheless, the Jordan Dinar is #4 and the code of the currency is JOD.
1 JOD = $1.41.

5.British Pound Sterling

You expected this currency to be among the most valuable three, right? You're not alone. But contrary to your thought, it is #5. The implementation of Brexit may have an impact on the value of this currency. You probably already know that the code is GBP. What you may not know is that 1 GBP equals $1.26.

6.Cayman Islands Dollars

Why are you surprised about this currency? Don't you know that the country is said to be the world's best tax haven? In addition, it provides licenses to hundreds of hedge funds, insurance companies, and banks. The code of the currency is KYD and 1 KYD is equal to $1.20

7.European Euro

Many people would have thought that this currency will be among the topmost three currencies because it is a common currency among the European companies. 1 EUR equals $1.14.

8.Swiss Franc

This is the 8th one. This is probably because many homes in different parts of the world have Switzerland appliances. Besides, it is also known for manufacturing great wristwatches. The code for this currency is CHF and 1 CHF equals $1.04.


Isn't it surprising that the US dollar that is the international currency is not among the 8 biggest currencies? Well, it is the 9th. It is right after Swiss Franc in value. Wait a minute! The 8 currencies outlined above are NOT the most valuable ones. Rather, they are the most valuable FIAT currencies. Bitcoin is the most valuable currency in the world. It currently has a value of $11,465.60.

Can you beat that? No other currency, digital of fiat, comes close. And the value is more likely to keep increasing. Ethereum is the second most valuable cryptocurrency and it is still more valuable than the Kuwaiti Dinar. Cryptos rule the world.

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