What is GHS Coin (Gigahash)?

What is GHS coin? 

Crypto exchange platform

This website trades Gigahashes and serves for that primary purpose.

It's goals include improving the current platform for cryptocurrencies and commodities trading, and establishing a fair market price for a Bitcoin mining power. Bitcoin mining facilities like DHS also holds value as it gets traded among users.

However it should be noted that GHS may only be traded among GHS owners and CEX partners and that this brand does not sell or buy its own GHS.

With the cloud mining offered on the site, registered users have the privilege to trade GHS while mining bitcoins. However, unlike the typical mining process that takes place in a house or an establishment, this platform enables users to mine bitcoins in the cloud, together with groups or pools of miners.

The GHS tradeable on the platform, users can easily switch to cloud mining without exerting too much effort and spending less time.


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