What is Kyber Network?

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What is Kyber network?


Kyber network is an etherium-based protocol that allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets like crypto Tokens and Crypto currencies, like Ether, Bitcoin, Zcash with high liquidity.


Kyber is similar to the OX project but instead performs all its actions on the blockchain.

It provides a decentralized, on chain exchange but removes the order book. This gives the platform the ability to securely exchange your crypto instantaneously at minimal cost.

Centralized exchanges are constantly under fire for their security vulnerabilities and slow process time. In some instances it could take days to withdraw your funds from an exchange.

Popular decentralized exchanges have their flaws as well. They often times don't have enough liquidity to support active trading. And costs to change the trades can be high when the order book is kept on-chain.

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