What is the difference between Monero and Bitcoin?

What is the difference between Monero and Bitcoin?

Addressing each of the following factors, what are the major differences between Monero and Bitcoin?

  • Privacy (including any limitation privacy may have an auditability)

  • Scaling (including blocking size and ability to prune)
  • Security (including network hash rate, PoW and elliptic curve)


You won't find your standard address on the blockchain. Every single output is its own one-time address. There is no choice about it (as opposed to Bitcoin where address reuse is discouraged but commonplace and easy to do).


This is a bit of a mixed bag. Monaro transactions are larger than Bitcoin (typical transaction is a few kB, while in Bitcoin they can easily be sub kB). Higher mixin (for better privacy) also increases transaction size.


Manero uses Cryptonight instead of SAH-2. There are currently no ASICs available for Cryptonight, which was designed to diminish the performance gap between  CPUs, GPUs and ASICs by demanding comparatively large amounts of memory.


Finally, with Bitcoin you get 100 addresses when you create a new wallet. If you backup, use all 100 and then create more, your backup won't have those new addresses. Manero backups are good forever. Create one backup, and it will always work.


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