What's the difference between NEO and Ethereum?

What is the difference between NEO and Ethereum?


NEO founded by D Hongfei in 2014 and Ethereum founded by Italic Buter in 2015.


NEO is a blockchain platform and cryptocurrency which enables development of digital assets and smart contracts. Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract (Scription) functionality.


Neo is backed by the Chinese government. Ethereum is not backed by any nation's government but is supported by the enterprise superior minds.


Consesus Mechanism
Neo uses a delegated by Zantine Fault tolerant ( AKA DBFT) consensus mechanism, which is an improved form of group of Stake.
Ethereum uses a proof-of-work mechanism.


Fueling The Blokchain
Neo produces a special crypto asset called neo gates which is used a crypto-fuel and Neo's blockchain. In Ethereum small units of ether are used as gas to fuel the network.


International Audience
NEO: There isn't much information available about Neo for the English-Reading Audience due to its Chinese roots. Ethereum is already a global enterprise in which full caters to it's international and english-reading audience.


Neo at present the you can handle 10,000 transactions per second. Ethereum can only handle 15 transactions per second.


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