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Overview is not a typical crypto-trading platform. Instead, it’s an institution that has a “Bitcoin Buying Platform Feature,” and focuses on selling several kinds of cryptocurrencies especially those leading cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum,...

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Itbit is an exchange platform that approaches the legal side of issues related to similar platforms. Itbit is the first cryptocurrency exchange in the Bitcoin sector with an official license from New York.

Itbit managed to obtain legal rights to receive...

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Forex has been in the spotlight for as long as you can remember. And with the use of Bitcoin, the trade has become even better. So to get and make payments, there is a need for cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Today, we review, a site...

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Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange which previously focused on the Chinese market only but later began focusing on cryptocurrency traders around the world. It is operated by Huobi Global Limited, a company which is incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles....

0 (0 Reviews) is a Venezuelan cryptocurrency exchange platform launched a year ago to allow trading in bitcoin and bolivares the national Venezuelan currency. It prioritizes improved security, confidentiality of transactions and user data and the adoption of global...

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Livecoin is an Altcoin and Bitcoin platform for exchange that provides varieties of currency pairs that includes altcoins trading for FIAT currency. It began by offering only Litecoin and Bitcoin trading services, but currently, it provides more than...
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