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Cryptonex is a cryptocurrency that depends on its own blockchain innovation instead of using conventional techniques. It is the very first Global Blockchain Acquiring.

Cryptonex was founded by Pavel Kalinin in 2017 with the help of Investment Financial Group. In January 2018, it gained tremendous popularity with a market cap of more than $400 million.

Their main feature is their very own platform that gives convenience to buy cryptocurrencies and tokens using world currencies. It can be used to buy different commodities and services with just a few clicks on to your mobile phone.

Cryptonex has its own bonus program called Cloud Mining, which benefits Ethernum Wallet owners with a positive balance on their accounts. They will be given 1000 CNX tokens that can be exchanged for CNX coins at the rate of 1 CNX coin per 1000 CNX tokens. The coins will automatically be sent for mining with 11% annual profit that can be held for 1 year.

Cryptonex primarily uses P-o-S mining. There’s no need to invest in mining hardware. All you have to do is buy CNX, transfer it to your wallet, and keep it online for as long as possible and it will automatically generate income. The more you have in your wallet, the more income you can generate.

How to buy:

CNX are traded through online exchanges, such as HITBC, YoBIT, Binance, and through Cryptonex official website. Cryptonex can only be traded using BTC and ETH. Cash cannot be directly used to buy CNX. If you want to buy CNX using cash, you will need to register in one of these payment systems: Advcash, PerfectMoney, Payeer. If you want to get the best deal out of CNX is to use your bank account to buy BTC and exchange it for CNX. It is the cheapest way to buy CNX. The fastest way though is to buy CNX using your credit card but remember, it is more expensive because you will be charged with higher fees.

How to keep CNX:

Storing CNX on a secure wallet is highly recommended. You might end up losing your money if you leave it out in the open. For added security, we suggest buying a hardware wallet. It will your store your private keys on a USB-like hardware.


  • The P-o-S Mining is really appealing. Your profit will be 12% per annum plus the bonuses in the form of commissions in the transactions you are the first one to confirm.
  • It’s trading platform is very easy to use and it is also available in MacOS and Linux. They are currently developing their mobile application.
  • Its transactions fees are cheaper than most coins. It can range from free to 0.001 CNX.


  • Payment methods are very limited. You can either use the cheaper method which is the bank transfer or the more expensive method which is through credit cards
  • If you want to buy CNX using a cryptocurrency, you can only use BTC and ETH using a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • CNX has minimum withdrawal amount. It is a letdown if you are someone who can’t mine continuously.


Cryptonex (CNX) looks fascinating and they have very limited methods. The benefits and mining methods are worthwhile. Its mobile application is currently in development. Cryptonex still have room for improvement but hopefully it’ll get better.

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    makis (8) 1 month ago

    I think this currency is dead now

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