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Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Swedish, Ukrainian

Deposit methods

Bank wire, Credit card (VISA/Mastercard), QIWI, Bitcoin

Supported fiat currencies

Russian Ruble, United States Dollar

Two-Factor Authentication


Multi-factor Authentication


Secured By SSL


Windows Phone


24/7 Online Support


Contact email
Open 24H
Range 24H
Vol. 24H
% CH


When working with cryptocurrencies, you always have to convert funds from one coin to another. Exchanges convert currencies at acceptable rates for us. Out of the huge number of exchanges available to date, not everyone can boast of reliability, reasonable rates, and speed of transactions.

Choosing the appropriate exchange would be quite a challenge. It would make sense to pay attention only to the most popular sites with a good reputation with a large number of users. One of such exchanges is 24PayBank. Among the Russian-speaking users, this platform is considered one of the top.

24PayBank started its operations only recently. So far, there were no complaints from users. When working with this exchange, you immediately feel the orientation of the development team. 24PayBank operates in a semi-automatic mode, which means fast transactions and risk management related to the human factor.

You do not have to register to make an exchange. However, creating an account is beneficial for participation in the bonus program. Registering would only take a couple of minutes.

The interface of the program is very informative and user-friendly. Using the platform is easy. All you have to do is select the source currency, then the coin you want to convert to. Specify the desired amount and the wallet address.

24PayBank operates around the clock and boasts a fast and high-quality support service.

An important parameter of an exchange is the availability of a serious coin reserve, which is relevant for users working with large amounts. 24PayBank is one of the leaders in this aspect.

To ensure the convenience of users, developers released an official Android application and a Telegram bot. The bot allows you to exchange with little time as possible.

24PayBank has an incentive program for regular customers.

Due to the 24-hour operation mode, a clear interface, and high-quality operation of the customer service, 24PayBank is one of the leaders among the exchanges available in the market. The referral program also gives bonuses and helps expand the potential audience.



Positive feedback on 24PayBank speaks about the reliability and good reputation of this exchange. The negative comments are probably connected with the increased expectation of the transaction time. You have no need to worry about the safety of your converted money.

Pros & Cons
  • A large reserve of coins
  • Good reputation
  • Presence of an incentive program
  • Too high transaction processing time sometimes
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