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Paris, France
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BitIt Ltd

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bitit team

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Dec 31, 2016
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Paris, France





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0.00025 BTC

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    and-koghb1 2 months ago

    <p>How can i register to this exchange?</p>

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    Please login or create an account if you do not have a one yet to be able to post your review. is not a typical crypto-trading platform. Instead, it’s an institution that has a “Bitcoin Buying Platform Feature,” and focuses on selling several kinds of cryptocurrencies especially those leading cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Users can buy cryptocurrencies online with a 3D secure credit card/ debit card, and cash using Flexepin, Neosurf, and Cashlib prepaid vouchers. Also, the standard bitcoin networks fees will have 3.9% every purchase via online, and between 7.9% - 11.9% fees will apply for cash purchases using Flexepin, Neosurf, and Cashlib prepaid vouchers., based in Paris, France. It is the first French Bitcoin startup hosted at TheFamily, who has an excellent key-people that manage to provide the essential needs of the Company. Co-Founder & CEO: Nicolas Katan, Co-Founder & CTO: Ugo Mare, and Co-Founder & Lead Developer: Simon Potier. The platform can execute transaction within seconds to individual users, and even in institutions. earned a remarkable reputation on the Blockchain Technology that makes easier on obtaining any leading cryptocurrencies. According to Alexa, the platform holds the global rank of 101,738 on its network-traffic generated from the past three months until now (March 23, 2018). Also, it has an excellent rank improvement of 40,000+ positions for just three months.

Bitit Bitcoin Affiliate Program offers a sufficient income, and they will reward an affiliate up to 20% commission fee depending on the referral program rules. Get paid in Bitcoin and receive every 1st of every month with no minimum earnings. Also, that will automatically send to the affiliate bitcoin address.



•    Buy cryptocurrencies with cash using Flexepin, Neosurf and Cashlib vouchers

•    High limits and liquidity available

•    Purchase cryptocurrencies with No verification for the first 25€ via a Bitit platform.



•    Fees range from 3.9% - 11.9%


How to be an affiliate:

How do I become affiliated with It’s simple; you can register on their official site, or you can directly click on this link: Bitit Bitcoin Affiliation page. Then, complete the required application as listed below:

•    Your full name

•    The URL of your website

•    Your phone number

•    Your Bitcoin wallet address

Once completed and approved as an affiliate on, you will provide a tracking link/ affiliate link that you can put on your site, social networks, blog, etc.

You can also download the banners from their site to promote Bitit via your affiliate program. Also, you can embed banners on your websites and blogs. After everything is setup and good to go, all you need to do is continue promoting, and you will have the passive income from all your referrals in a lifetime. The payout will receive every 1st of the month with no minimum earnings.


Buying Cryptocurrencies:

Buying Bitcoin, Ehtereum or any leading cryptocurrency using the “Bitit Buying Platform” is very stress-free, it’s like no different from other platforms which also offers the same service. The only difference on this platform is it only focuses on selling cryptocurrencies unlike some platform; they cater several services such as trading, exchange, Lending, selling and buying cryptocurrency assets. If you’re familiar with Bitcoin world, you should feel at home on this brilliant platform.

There only three simple steps:

Step 1: Sing up: Create your account in just minutes.

Step 2: Fill your profile: provide the necessary information and complete the application as possible to unlock your buying limits to the max amount support by the platform.

Step 3: Start Buying: you can buy instantly through an intuitive platform via online.

Please take note that there are verification levels that you might find it very useful. A transaction worth of €25 not required for any verification. There also an option where the user can purchase up to €150 worth of cryptocurrencies that only requests to provide the user’s name, address, birth date and e-mail; Then, the payment method will be cash vouchers (e.g., Cashlib and Neosurf), wire transfer and E-wallets. More than the amount mention above will require the complete verification like providing the “government ID & an ID selfie” for €700 with credit/debit cards, and €2500 via cash voucher, e-wallet or even direct banking will do.

Also, Bitit offers a feature on buying, called “Buy Near You,” which shows the nearest points of sale of the prepaid cards Neosurf, Cahslib and the BitIt gift card (this means that it will use the location services of the browser, then shows the locations on Google Maps).



Like other cryptocurrency services, this platform also required the user to secure their cryptocurrency wallet to receive their bitcoins once they purchase. The recommended storage will be the hardware wallets. There are leading brand of hardware wallets out there available in the market such as TREZOR wallet, Ledger wallet, and KeepKey wallet. But, it’s all up to the user on what type of storage he/she preferred. In this case, did not offer any crypto-storage for their customer. Instead, they let the users connect their existing wallet, or they will provide a new one.



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